Women worst hit by council job cuts


Women hit by job cutsIn these modern times, parents are increasingly willing to share childcare duties, taking it in turns to look after their young ones.

And with the economic climate proving difficult, more dads are having to take on childcare responsibilities as a result of their partners being hit by unemployment.

Figures from the GMB union suggest that local authority job cuts have impacted on women the most in recent times, with female workers bearing the brunt of two-thirds of recent council job losses. The organisation's research indicates that in some regions of England and Wales, 100% of local authority job cuts have affected women.

The public sector employs more women than men and it was perhaps inevitable that mums and others would be hit the hardest. Of course, it is never too late to look into your
options for reskilling - if a career move is what you think you need to help you start to enjoy your work again.

Commenting on this situation, GMB national officer Brian Strutton said: "The drop in the number of women employed in the public sector means a serious loss of income from employment to women across the UK. Many households depend on having income from two wage earners to pay the mortgage and the household bills."

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