Workers ”hit by falling wages”

workers hit by falling wages

workers hit by falling wagesWorking mums may well be feeling the pinch, with new research showing that people in hundreds of professions have seen their average earnings go down in recent times.

According to GMB, hairdressers, teachers and right through to public relations officers have experienced pay decreases over the last few years. Lower wages mean it is more important than ever for people to budget effectively each month, carefully planning their family spending.

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The figures from GMB show that 284 occupations, covering the vast majority of the country's workforce, have been hit by annual average pay decreases in the past four years.

The organisation's general secretary, Paul Kenny, said: "Everyone from plasterers to IT specialists, from travel agents to midwives,from hairdressers to police inspectors,have seen the value of their earnings drop when they have a job."