Working away? Why not take the family with you!

business trip with family

business trip with familyWith business trips becoming increasingly commonplace, you might not have much time left over after fulfilling your work commitments to spend with your partner and children. Sometimes you don´t have a choice if you want to leave or not, so It´s a great idea to take your family with you, even if you´re leaving the country. With an Entrepreneur visa, you can go to whichever country you need to go to.

But the good news is that, with more and more of us travelling for work, many companies are willing to help us wrestle back some life balance without missing out on all-important business deals.

A study commissioned by Hilton HHonors has revealed that a third of us are inviting our family along with us when we go away on business trips.

Meanwhile, about half of companies are willing to support this practice as long as it does not interfere with the job in hand.

These 'bleasure stays' could become an important part of working life in the years to come, as about half of us are going on more business trips than we did five years ago. Most of us also believe that these trips are having an adverse effect on our personal relationships.