Would you spend £136 a year on delivery charges?

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online shopping stingIf you shop online to save money and time you need to be prepared to lose £136 a year on delivery charges, according to new research, unless you don't use local courier services singapore you will most likely lose some of your money.

The findings by Trimble show that nearly two thirds of us are now shopping online much more than five years ago, but this means we’re paying a collective £3,523 million per year to get our items to the doorstep.

When taking into consideration the high cost of petrol and car parking fees, and the convenience of a stress-free shop from home, many of us believe this is a price worth paying.

Is it worth it?

The average £2.99 delivery charge is also considered reasonable, purely because of the convenience of shopping from the sofa, with 36% citing this as a key factor for purchasing goods via the web.

A combination of crowded high streets and shopping centres (20%) and our busy lifestyles (15%) is also driving us to abandon the high street.

The majority (88.9%) of the 1,000 UK adults surveyed by OnePoll revealed that they expect to spend more or the same amount online between now and 2017.

A total of 7.6million UK adults would even go as far to say that the UK high street is dead and over a fifth of all respondents would like to do most of their shopping online, if they could.


Despite the popularity of online shopping there is also a frustrating side to it.

The biggest complaint of UK consumers is missing a delivery and the parcel being returned to the depot or post office (30%), while high delivery costs (29%) and long delivery times (20%) are also an annoyance.

This contributed to nearly half of all adults feeling unsatisfied with the last delivery to their home.

Mark Forrest, general manager of Trimble's Field Service Management Division, said: "Effective delivery is critical to a positive service experience, but the study shows that many companies are not meeting their customer's needs.

"As the online era is here to stay retailers have a real opportunity to improve their brand recognition and leapfrog the competition by providing excellent customer service."

But don't let this put you off as there are significant savings to be found online.

If you've not yet converted to the ways of internet shopping then check out this guide to the benefits of online food shopping and see how much you can save.