Cover the Cost of Christmas with an Early Tax Rebate


Families who are longing for that little bit extra to make it a special Christmas can now realise that ambition thanks to leading tax rebate specialist, Brian Alfred. With the average household in the UK spending almost £800 on Christmas many households across the UK certainly feel the pinch at this time of year.

The busy elves at Brian Alfred have been developing a brand new and exclusive offer to support construction workers and their families to cover the cost of Christmas. They can now get an early tax rebate months before the usual tax refund date of April 2017. This is a unique and exciting opportunity for those in the construction industry who fancy some extra cash for Christmas, that need to get their hands in Centerless Grinding services or even to beat the January blues. Construction workers who make use of the early tax rebate offer can receive up to 60% of their tax rebate amount for the year 2016-2017 early, with the remainder being paid at the usual time next April.

To coincide with the release of their Early Tax Rebates service, Brian Alfred took a look at some of the ways that households in the UK pay for the rising cost of Christmas, including a few tongue-in-cheek suggestions of alternative ways to fund the festive season:

The True Cost of Christmas Infographic

Construction workers can make use of the early tax rebate offer by downloading a tax rebate pack or by calling the Brian Alfred team on 0203 285 6223. If you have a construction worker in the family you can request a pack on their behalf. Terms and conditions can be found here.

* according to research conducted by YouGov in December 2015