Review: Bath toy organiser

bath toy organiser

A corner bath toy organiser that sticks on to the wall to keep your children’s toys neat, tidy and readily accessible.

Key features of the product

The Munchkin Corner Baby Bath Toy Organiser has four suction pads for use on tiles. It’s made of mildew-resistant neoprene material, which is breathable and very useful when wet toys are packed in tightly. It also has a drain hole located at the bottom.

What I liked about the product…

Our bathroom was overrun with toys. I had them all in a plastic box but had to keep washing it out as the water sits in the bottom, so it’s not very hygienic. I really like the material of this product and the fact that the toys are up high and not in a box on the floor. Having it above the bath means my two year-old daughter, who is particularly mischievous, can’t pick up a random toy and put it down the loo. She has to stand in the bath to access the toys.

What I didn’t like…

You have to re-apply the suction pads as the weight of the toys drags it down the wall. Oh and it did fall on my head one evening when I was in the bath and gave me a massive fright! Note to self: Place it at the other end of the wall!

Is it good value for money?

It’s very good value for money.  At £6.99, I feel was worth every penny for me to have something hygienic and that could stick on the wall.

Where to purchase this product?

You can buy the Munchkin Corner Baby Bath Toy Organiser from Amazon.

Rating out of five?

4/5 for me.