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Health and Aesthetic Clinic FarnhamWe sent one of the team to undergo Botox treatment as part of our review of aesthetic treatments. Charlotte Vaughan visited the Health + Aesthetics Clinic in Farnham.

As I approach my mid-late 40’s I feel quite upset to notice so many wrinkles on my face, something that has never bothered me in the past.

I am very curious and willing to try anything at least once, so I decided it was time to try my first Botox injection. I want to mention that I would never undergo any type of treatment if I had not felt completely safe with the medical professional from the health + aesthetics clinic in Farnham.

Is Botox right for me?

To begin with let me just say that I do not think anyone “needs” Botox. As I approach my 47th Birthday, my skin looks tired and the lines are very prominent. My skin is definitely in need of a re-fresh!

I am not looking to normalise the procedure, or make it seem like something you should be doing, but after so many people commented on how well I looked I wanted to let you know about the experience I had with the leading cosmetic clinic, health + aesthetics clinic based in Surrey.

Health and Aesthetics ClinicI have always been afraid of having Botox, you hear lots of horror stories about frozen faces and wonky eyebrows so I knew I wanted to go to a doctor-led clinic who have lots of experience. The Health + Aesthetics Clinic is led by Dr Rekha Tailor, a highly-qualified aesthetic doctor and GP who leads a team of fully trained, experienced and qualified aesthetic experts. The Clinic is based in Farnham, close to the M25 and easily accessible from all areas of the South and South East. The Clinic is a beautiful space, very calming and relaxing. I started to unwind as soon as I stepped through the door. My kids needed to go to the doctors too, but I took them to get these kids eye exams because they didn´t do any where I went.

Dr Rekha Tailor made me feel very comfortable and informed me of the process of having the injections, she also took the time to explain to me about how the ageing process works and what happens to deeper layers of the skin as you age. The pre-treatment consultation was so informative and I felt very confident to go ahead with the Botox.

Me and my face

Charlotte Vaughan Before TreatmentRecently, I have noticed that my ‘frown lines’ are very deep and indented I have always frowned a lot and I feel now is the time to do something about it.

I tend to focus on a lot of things on the computer and I am constantly frowning or stressed about something.  I’m not surprised my frown lines are so bad, after all, that is how wrinkles appear by repeated movement that affects the skin and then creates creases in the skin.

I also have plenty of wrinkles on my forehead and pronounced ‘crows’ feet around my eyes, I am confident Botox will help.

What happens during an injection?

After Dr Tailor explained everything in great detail and answered all of my questions, she also took a few minutes to study my features with me and see what aspects to consider. She then took pictures with many exaggerated facial expressions for a comparison; she then filled a small syringe of Botox. The injection is carried out without anaesthesia and takes only a few minutes, the time to inject 5-7 places of the face. It is not painful and very fast. Only some procedures have painful side-effects, but that´s easily taken care of by these pain management doctors in tampa florida.

Dr Tailor then asked me to do some contraction exercises to ‘fix’ the product in place under the skin. Small red spots appeared on my face after the treatment, but they faded after a few minutes. Dr Tailor then sets a follow up visit for the coming weeks to ensure that the result exactly meets her expectations and to make sure I am happy with the result.

The results

Charlotte Vaughan After TreatmentThe results are not immediate, they appear gradually to a maximum result after 2-3 weeks and gradually fade over the following months. After 2 weeks, I am no longer squinting and can see less lines on the top part of my face, everything seems a lot smoother and very natural.

I have revealed my secret to my husband only and no one else around me has noticed but everyone is commenting on how good I look without really noticing any major changes.  I am so pleased with the result and there is definitely a spring in my step from all the positive comments. I am starting to get a real boost as I look in the mirror.

Another result I was not expecting, is that my eyelids are lifted so my eyes seem more open, awake and alert.  The results are not final because the injected muscles recover over time so it is recommended to return approximately every 4-6 months depending on the reappearance of wrinkles.

The procedure was carried out by Dr Rekha Tailor, at the Health + Aesthetics Clinic in Farnham. Prices start from £200 for Botox injections.

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