Review: Child’s travel tray


content-and-calm-logoAn interesting concept for keeping children occupied during travel. Plane, train or car – a neat piece of travel equipment to stave of the boredom.

Key features of the product

The TrayKit by Content&Calm is a backpack that turns into a tray for kids’ activities. Lots of pockets and pouches for pens, writing books, favourite cuddly toy etc.

What I liked about the product…

I really like the design and the idea of my son being able to scribble away on his lap with his ‘own’ little executive office. I really liked the fact that it can be hung in the car and think that it encourages children to use what can also be an incredibly boring journey as an opportunity to be creative or simply just play with the toys they have packed.

We also used the journal and my son was over the moon with the map and stickers. My husband spent some time putting stickers on the countries my son had visited, so a lovely bit of time spent educating him on geography and building his excitement for more adventures.

child's travel trayWhat I didn’t like…

The tray itself if you expand it fully is a little flimsy and my son got a little frustrated as it kept bending and sloping downwards. As a keen drawer he needed it to remain as a flat, even surface, so there were a few whinges and tantrums. Also, if storing toys loosely, try to remember which side to open it on, as they may fall out all over the place!

Is it good value for money?

At £24.99 I think it is very good value for money, as keeping children entertained on any kind of journey, by road, plane or train can be incredibly stressful.

Where to purchase this product?

You can buy this online at Content&Calm.

Rating out of five?