Review: Dr Brown’s Deluxe Electric Steriliser

Dr Brown's steriliser

Dr Brown’s Natural Flow Electric Steriliser is designed to fit all sizes of Dr Brown’s bottles, including standard, wide neck and glass. It safely steam sterilises six bottles in 12 minutes and automatically shuts off when the cleaning cycle is finished.

Yes, I would definitely recommend this machine. It’s so easy to use, quick and perfect for any hassled mum.

dr brownsKey features of the product

  • Steams six large Dr Brown’s bottles in 12 minutes
  • Removable basket and accessory tray
  • Tongs to use when handling the bottles
  • Easy measuring device and on button

What I liked about the product

I really liked the size of the unit as it was tall rather than flatter and wider so it fitted neatly onto our kitchen counter.

I am a big fan of Dr Brown’s bottles so was delighted that it had enough room for six large bottles. This was really handy given that Charlie is a hungry little munchkin.

Being able to do six at a time with two other children in tow means we only have to steam once per day.

The steriliser was so easy to use, the measuring cup that slots into the side of the machine is extremely intuitive, I didn’t even have to explain to my mother how much water to put in as there is a clear “FILL TO THIS LINE” marked on the side.

I found that the tongs are handy when pulling the teats through the bottle rings so you don’t have to touch them with your hands.

There is a nice big button on the front that turns orange when the steriliser is on. This means that even in my sleep deprived state I can clearly see when it’s on and when it’s finished.

Dr Brown’s only takes 12 minutes which feels super quick given the demands of a busy household with three children under six years of age.

What I didn’t like…

You have to empty the machine of excess water after each use. If you don’t it will switch on but then switch off again a few minutes later which can get frustrating if you have wandered off thinking the bottles are steaming and then find out it didn’t go full cycle!

Would you recommend the product?

Yes, I would definitely recommend this machine. It’s so easy to use, quick and perfect for any hassled mum.

Is it good value for money?

The steriliser costs around £50.00 so it seems quite expensive but it’s definitely worth the money. If you are solely bottle feeding you’ll be using it daily, so you’ll need something easy to use and hardwearing.

Where to purchase the product

Quite a few places sell this machine online. You can buy it here from Amazon for £45.53

Rating out of five?