Review: family calendar 2012

family calendar review

family calendar reviewThis Family Calendar 2012 is intended for use by the whole family. It has columns for five people as well as space to keep letters and cards. It is divided into month by month views.

What I liked about the product…

What I liked most about the product was that it had a column for each person to write down what they are doing. The four of us in our family all have busy lives and it is great to know what everyone has planned in to avoid over scheduling or double booking.

I also really like the birthday column as it makes it very clear whose birthday is coming up and cards can be kept in the pocket in advance.  It’s a simple, uncluttered and practical calendar. It will definitely help me be better organised with my time.

What I didn’t like…

I don’t like size of the calendar, it’s acceptable, but being a bit bigger would have made it clearer to read and easier to write on. The patterns on the background of the calendar alternate between red leaves and blue petals from one month to the next. I think colours and patterns according to seasons would have been nicer. Red leaves look Autumnal which just doesn’t feel quite right for January.

calender on displayIs it good value for money?

It is good value for money, a similar price to other family organisers but with the extra pocket. It feels robust and well made.

Where to purchase this product?

This Family Calendar 2012 can be purchased from the Great Little Trading Company for £11.00.

Rating out of five…