Review: Liberty unpadded baby sling

liberty unpadded baby sling

Give your tired arms a break while keeping your baby with you using the Liberty Unpadded Baby Sling, suitable for newborns and for babies up to 35lbs.

Key features of the product

This is a versatile sling to carry your baby in that can be adapted as your baby grows with several different carrying positions possible. It is made of strong cotton and is available in a choice of colours and is easily washable. It has a comfortable design and the rings that hold the fabric in place feel tight and secure.

What I liked about the product

The sling feels sturdy and well made and I love that you can continue to use it even when your baby gets too old for the classic ‘cradle’ style that some slings only allow. As well as a cradle hold, it can be adjusted into a tummy-to-tummy hold, a kangaroo hold and a hip hold.

I like using the cradle hold when I sit to feed my daughter as I sometimes want to give my arms a rest or need my hands free. I also use it when she is tired and fighting sleep, as I can walk her around the house and rock her to sleep without my arms getting tired!

The kangaroo hold has also been great for my daughter from about three months old when she was old enough to keep her head up on her own and look around. I use this when she is in a state of not wanting to be put down –  it allows me to get little jobs done around the house while I carry her with me. I also use it to take her for short little walks outside when she is crying and needs a distraction and I don’t want to fuss with the pram or baby carrier.

It is comfortable to wear and quicker to pop on than a baby carrier or wrap when I just want to put her in it for little moments of use here and there. I’m about to take her on a long plane ride and I’m taking it with me as I think it will come in handy.

I haven’t tried the hip hold yet as my daughter isn’t old enough to need it, but it looks like it will be useful when the time comes.

What I didn’t like

Personally I don’t see it as an item I can use for a long period of time as since using it for my three month-old daughter I found she almost seems to become claustrophobic and uncomfortable in it after a while. She really screams and struggles to get out of it and once this happens she will continue to thrash around until I take her out. So it’s useful as long as she lets me use it! I tend to put her in it knowing that I’m on borrowed time until she decides it’s time to break free.

At first it looks tricky to work out how to put the sling together but it comes with helpful instructions and a website with pictures that are easy to follow. Having said this, adjusting it to carry your baby in the different positions does take a bit of practice and it can be fiddly to tighten it so the baby feels snug and correctly in position. Sometimes I can’t be bothered to use it for this reason. I also don’t trust it enough to completely go ‘hands free’ unless I’m sitting down so I always keep one of my hands lightly around my baby while she’s in the sling, just in case.

I haven’t found the tummy-to-tummy hold that useful but I think it could be OK for a new baby.

Is it good value for money?

I think as far as slings go it’s fairly good value for money as you can use it in multiple ways and for different stages of infancy so the baby won’t grow out of it too quickly.

Where to purchase this product?

Amazon sells the Liberty Unpadded Baby Sling in a choice of colours for £24.95 + £3.99 delivery.

Rating out of five?