Review: Mini sewing machine

mini sewing machine

A handy alternative to a full-sized unit, this compact sewing machine is a good solution for quick repairs and light sewing jobs.

Key features of the product

With its compact size and plastic casing, this lightweight two-speed sewing machine is aimed at easy mending jobs or sewing beginners. It can be used with batteries or from the mains and comes with a small inspection light and foot pedal – plus a needle threader, spare bobbins and a needle.

What I liked about the product

A full-size sewing machine takes a lot of space to store, but this dinky little number is about the size of a small handbag and perfect to stash away in a drawer for ‘make do and mend’.

It’s not the most robust machine and only does one straight stitch – the basic lockstitch – but it tackled a couple of small repairs and a hem without too much difficulty and the result was good.

The stitches were secure and straight, and I had more of a sense of satisfaction than with my normal dodgy hand sewing (the hem looked like it might actually last!). For small jobs and/or if you’re a first-time sewing machine user, like me, it’s a good – and cheap – option. You’d definitely have to invest in something more robust if you wanted to graduate to making curtains though – although my mum took over and ran up a cushion cover on this compact unit with no difficulty.

I am not sure why you’d want to, but the fact you can use it with batteries as well as through the mains is probably a plus – if you’re planning to sew on the go!

What I didn’t like

It’s a little plasticky, and you have to be quite gentle with it as it gets jammed easily if you’re overenthusiastic when you’re feeding the material through it. Plus it struggled a bit on thicker material (although it was fine with cotton and nylon), and the fact it has no reverse motion means you have to turn the cloth to go back over stitches, which is pretty awkward.

It’s also a relief it comes pre-threaded as the instructions that come with it are pretty poor – tiny, fuzzy black and white photos you have to squint at to try and work out what’s going on; I didn’t have to change the bobbin, but could see that it might be a bit of a mission to work it out from the pamphlet!

Is it good value for money?

Yes, it’s a good little investment for austere times! I’m even contemplating mending some socks with it…

Where to purchase this product?

You can get this compact sewing machine for £26.99 from Argos.

Rating out of five?

4 out of 5