Review: remote control candles

remote control candles

remote control candlesBest for mum looking for the effect of candle light without the fear factor of setting the house alight or burning the children.

Key features of the product

Different sized candles with a remote control. The candles can be set on a timer to switch themselves off after either four hours or eight hours. They can be set to flicker like a candle or stay as a bright light. Also features a brightness setting.

What I liked about the product…

I am candle mad! It drives my husband crazy and he has forbidden candles in the bedroom due to me falling asleep with them on… ooops! Now with a two year old and a four year old I had pretty much resigned myself to only being allowed them in the bathroom in the evening.

The remote control candles are fantastic and I even managed to flip my husband out by leaving them on whilst I went out. On my return he had gone over to blow them out and was completely foxed for a minute or two.

The remote control element is brilliant as you can switch them on and off at a distance.

What I didn’t like…

Although I rate these candles very highly for any household with kids and any mums wanting to indulge in child friendly candlight, against a real candle, the light is quite dim and certainly not bright enough to enable reading.

Is it good value for money?

Brilliant value for money at £12.99 from IWOOT.COM I can’t recommend these highly enough.

Where to purchase this product?


Rating out of five?

Definitely 5 out of 5 from me.