Review: Shampoo eye shield

shampoo shield

This soft protective visor stops water and soap running into your child’s eyes, taking out the tantrum factor at hair-wash time.

Key features of the product

The Clippasafe Shampoo Eye Shield is a soft, neoprene waterproof rectangle-with-hole. It comes flat and stretches over the child’s head to create a visor that keeps water and shampoo out of their eyes as you wash their hair.

What I liked about the product

Washing my daughter’s hair is a struggle, as she hates water in her eyes and screams loudly every time – and that’s before we even get to shampoo.

I liked the neoprene softness and it seemed comfortable for Claudie once I’d got it on – initially she wore the visor round the house like a Florida golfer and refused to take it off.

In the bath I held my breath, and actually held the visor up the first time I poured water over her head – but it worked a treat, not a single tear and the easiest hair wash we’ve had in months.

Feeling braver, I let it do the job without my help the next time – to equal success. The water and soap just slid down the sides, away from her eyes, leaving her to play happily in the bath without really noticing.

What I didn’t like

The shampoo shield says it fits all head sizes, which I’d dispute, as it was quite snug on 20-month-old Claudie’s head. And although it didn’t seem to disturb her too much, putting it on was a little tricky – you have to pull it down over the child’s face and then up again, making sure the hair is above it. I may have got that wrong, but with poor fitting instructions on the pack it was hard to tell.

Is it good value for money?

If you can get your child to keep it on, then absolutely! Sadly Claudie took against it by the third wash and kept taking it off, but in itself it’s a great little product.

Where to purchase this product?

£2.99 from Kiddicare

Rating out of five?

4 out of 5.