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SKINCAN Clinic LogoGemma Johnson headed of to the SkinCAN Clinic in Saffron Waldon run by Jo-Anne Newman. Treatments reviewed:  HD Ready, Mesotherapy Face and Oxygen Therapy.

I’ve welcomed my forties with open arms and I feel totally comfortable in my own skin and over the years have never really been into the whole beauty regime. I’ve always been more of an ‘olive oil’ on the face kind of girl and have been lucky to have fairly young-looking skin, which I attribute to a ‘positive attitude’ and ‘zest for life’, oh and of course lucky genes.

Recently though, I’ve been on quite a roller coaster in my personal life and although I still have a spring in my step, I am feeling a bit tired and worn, the usual working mother syndrome. At MyFamilyClub we’ve been looking at treatments for mind and body that are affordable and within reach for mums who are feeling a little bit frayed and in need of relatively short but results driven pick-me ups and treatments, so I jumped at the chance to have a 2-3-hour pampering session at the wonderful SkinCAN Clinic in Saffron Waldon.

SKINCAN Clinic FrontJo-Anne Newman owns this recently opened swish boutique clinic and boasts of celebrity clients such as Ashley Roberts from The Pussycat Dolls who have been visiting her for many years before big events and for general top-up plans. Jo-Anne is incredibly knowledgeable and worked behind the scenes at Dancing on Ice for 5 years ensuring the competitors were fresh faced and looking their best in the harsh, cold training conditions. Jo-Anne was praised for her unique treatments that left the stars literally glowing. Her bespoke treatments spurred her on to open her own clinic.

Upon arrival I was met with a bubbly and extremely warm welcome by J-Anne and was shown into the treatment room. Jo-Anne took the time to talk me through the various treatments and explain why she had chosen the HD Ready, Mesotherapy Face & Oxygen Therapy combination for my first visit.

About Jo-Anne Newman

SKINCAN Treatment RoomThe treatment room is snug and very relaxing, Jo-Anne’s personality immediately puts you at ease and I had only feelings of total relaxation and trust in her capable hands.

Jo-Anne is A Level 4 therapist and has been treating peoples skin for over 18 years. An Aesthetician, who gained her level 3 CIBTAC Cosmetology qualification in 1997, Jo-Anne furthered her knowledge and expertise with continual training, and built her career working within the TV industry. Jo-Anne’s has a strong reputation within the industry and after years of utilising various treatments and products she wanted to create her own specific tools, products and techniques, with the overall goal of being able to improve anyone’s skin.

Jo-Anne explained that because I occasionally go on TV for work, trialling the HD Ready which really is the ’24-hour red carpet’ treatment would be a great start to show how quickly the results are visible and how little downtime there is after the treatment. My jawline, brows and cheeks felt tighter and lifted and the results were obvious to me, but I just looked fresh as a daisy to everyone else.

The treatments

SkinCAN – HD Ready

Treatment time: 1 hour 45 minutes
Downtime: None
Cost: From £95 and there are five levels to choose from. (I had Level 3 and it cost £150 as also included the treatment below, Mesotherapy Face).

Benefits of treatment:

  • Lifts brows and jowls
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines
  • Hydrates and rejuvenates
  • Leave your skin glowing

SkinCAN – Mesotherapy Face

Treatment time: 60 minutes
Downtime: None
Cost: £135

Benefits of treatment:

  • Anti-ageing
  • Acne scarring
  • Surgical scars
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Hydrating the skin
  • Hair regrowth
  • Dark circles
  • Pigmentation
  • Improving the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks

SkinCAN – Single Oxygen Therapy

Treatment time: 50 minutes
Downtime: None
Cost: £75

Benefits of treatment:

  • Hydrating the skin
  • Calming any redness
  • Creating a glowing complexion

The overall experience

Gemma Johnson SKINCAN ClinicI was so pleased with results and the whole experience with Jo-Anne was such a treat. Some clinics can feel sterile and unfriendly, but Jo-Anne has such passion that she creates such a wonderful environment and really puts her client’s well-being at the forefront. You can’t help but feel like she’s an old friend. What more could you ask for? My skin looked amazing, literally glowing and plumper. I had so many comments from people and my dark circles from lack of sleep due to the varies night time shenanigans of my three children were completely banished.

The whole experience left me feeling relaxed and beautiful actually! I never take the time to pamper myself and to spend just a few hours on myself really gave me a much needed lift. The truth is it’s not overly expensive and as mums we always come bottom of the pile, naturally as our children’s needs go before our own but occasionally, what a treat to give yourself or indeed to gift to someone you love.

Coming soon…

Jo-Anne talked me through The Express Treatment Bar (Due to open in January 18), it will include a number of express treatments costing from £35 – £95 to include an express Oxygen Treatment along with: no downtime skin resurfacing treatments using an innovative pharma-cosmeceutical  pH Formula.

Also available will be advanced hand and foot Treatments.  While the skin on our hands can suffer with ageing the SkinCAN Advanced combination treatments will improve skin texture and pigmentation.  For when more than a just a pedicure is needed the SkinCAN Treatment Bar offers medi-spa Foot Treatment’s combining specialised foot care products and skin resurfacing treatments that will revive tired feet.

A must-visit not only for the treatment itself but also the benefits of doing something for yourself and of course, having a chat with the lovely and ever bubbly, Jo-Anne.

An Interview with Jo-Anne Newman of SkinCAN Clinic

We will soon be publishing another interview in our Inspirational and Aspirational Series with Jo-Anne Newman. Jo-Anne talked to me at length about why she doesn’t think Botox is necessarily the right treatment for those looking for a fresher, younger look. Jo-Anne has very strong views on the use of Botox on the skin and I will be publishing a very insightful interview with her shortly.

To book an appointment with Jo-Anne Newman please visit

Twitter: @skincanofficial
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MyFamilyClub 5 Star Rating:
We have given a 5-star rating to SkinCan Clinic for professionalism by medical staff, treatment results, value for money and overall experience.