Review: Sports Day set

sports-day set

Sports Day in box! Everything you need for a traditional fun day of activity, from a jumping sack race, an egg and spoon race to a bean bag race.

Key features of the product

The set contains four jumping sacks, four plastic eggs and spoons and four bean bags, all of which are in vibrant colours of pink, blue, green and yellow.  There are also two red ankle straps for a three legged race and two red start and finish lines with four plastic stakes to hold the lines down in the grass.

What I liked about the product

The set provides lots of simple, traditional sporty fun.  My four year old daughter loved the egg and spoon race and the colourful sacks for the sack race, which she scurried along in rather than jump which was quite funny to see.

There are so many games you can conjure up with the various items using your own imagination and it’s great fun for all ages.  My daughter was keen to get the whole family together and join in.  The sacks are strong enough for Dad to jump in too!  It’s perfect for an outdoor activity, but could also be used indoors.  I would definitely bring the set out for a party or any Olympic-themed event.

What I didn’t like about the product

sports day set sack raceThe only problem I can see with the set is that the eggs could get easily squashed and it would not be possible to regain their shape.  You would have to resort to a good old fashioned boiled egg as a replacement!  The three legged race bands are a bit too big and can fall down very easily, but this can be part of the fun holding it up and struggling to run.

Is it good value for money?

Yes!  The equipment is basic but good quality. The best price is £16.99 from Amazon.

Where to purchase this product?

This product is available from Amazon for £16.99

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