Review: Stair storage basket


stairbasketEver find yourself carrying miscellaneous items up and down the stairs? Or heaping things in piles ready to take up with you? I think I’ve found the solution!

Key features

These can get quite expensive, but ours was only £15.00.  It has the following features:

  • 51cm tall by 28cm deep by 30cm wide
  • Capacity is 51x30x28cm
  • Made of brown woven seagrass
  • One central handle
  • No lid
  • One (stepped) compartment

What I liked about the product

Considering there are a lot of similar items at much higher prices out there, this looks very attractive and feels pretty sturdy.

It holds a good amount of things without being too bulky or taking up too much space on the stairs.

The best bit for me is that the stuff the kids get out to play with, or that we bring down during the day, just goes into the basket at the bottom of the stairs. Then when it’s the children’s bedtime, I take it up with me and distribute the bits and pieces easily. The basket is light and easy to carry, and still looks attractive with everyone’s things in.

It’s good training for the children. So far I’m pleased to say that everyone has remembered to use it instead of dumping things in little piles in the hallway!

What I didn’t like

It doesn’t fit on the smaller stairs we have by our bathroom door – which isn’t a problem. But it’s worth checking the height of your stairs in relation to the step of the basket. It may not be tall enough.

Is it good value for money?

Yes, I think so. It isn’t an essential belonging, but good value if you want one. Plus it’s saved my little legs lots of effort – which is priceless!

Where to purchase this product

Many home stores have different styles of these. Ours came from Tesco Direct – catalogue no. 207-6722.

Rating out of five