Review: Sticky Stuff Remover from De-Solv-it

sticky stuff remover review

Sticky Stuff® Remover by De-Solv-it® is perfect for mums with messy children. Easy to use too – place a small amount on a tissue or cloth and just wipe over the stains. It’s fantastic to get pen marks off, grease and sticky labels. Simple to use on furniture and walls.

de-solv-it review logoIs it good value for money?

Absolutely, when you think of how much a table can cost I think paying under £4 to remove a difficult stain is definitely money well spent.

What I liked about the product

It wipes off really easy and has a child friendly safety cap. It’s fantastic for getting off that annoying sticky residue left from a sticky label, or when the kids have been going crafting crazy to mop up stray glue spots.

What I didn’t like

I’m not sure about the bottle, but the gel spray version would suit me much better because the gel spray clings to the stain on vertical surfaces without running off.

Would I recommend this product?

I would definitely recommend this product for mums with young children. I love that it gets off gum too!

Where to purchase the product?

The product is available from Amazon for £3.86 in a smaller handy size. You can also get the 250ml bottle for £3.99 at Lakeland – in stores and on their website.

Rating out of 5