Review: Trunki SnooziHedz travel snooze system

trunki review

Kids on the go can snuggle up for a snooze with this handy Trunki SnooziHedz travel animal – which converts into a cosy fleece inflatable pillow and blanket set.

Key features of the product

This three-in-one Trunki SnooziHedz travel system has a fleece blanket with a small pocket in the front for teddy, and an inflatable pillow all tucked inside a zip up cuddly fleece animal case (which becomes the pillowcase when everything is taken out). The blanket and pillowcase animal come with a special grip so you can attach them around your child, and avoid having to tuck in wandering blankets while they sleep.

What I liked about the product

It’s cute! Claudie decided on a red and yellow dragon animal/blanket – there are seven animal options – and started cuddling it the minute it came out of the wrapping. In fact it ended up being quite hard to take it off her to assemble it to actually use it. We tested it on a car journey and on a plane and found it hard to keep on our wriggly daughter – while she was awake she ended up wearing the pillow and attached blanket like a cape – but once asleep she looked snug and it was a very space-efficient way to carry a good-sized blanket.

What I didn’t like

The pillow is a little small for larger toddlers – there doesn’t seem to be an age range marked on it, but even at two years old, Claudie didn’t seem too comfy and her head kept slipping off it – slightly mitigated by letting some of the air out of the pillow so it was softer. The pillow also worked much better when used in the car seat, than on my lap on the plane. Also, the diagrams on the package aren’t very clear – there are two ‘unique Trunki Grips’, one on the pillow and one on the blanket, but I could only work out how you would use one of them…

Is it good value for money?

It’s a little expensive for what it does, I think – the main selling points seeming to be the cuddly animal factor and that you can hold the blanket over the child with one of the special ‘grips’. The novelty is the value here – it’s nothing that a small fleece blanket and cushion wouldn’t achieve.

Where to purchase this product?

You can buy Trunki SnooziHedz for £19.95 from Trunki.

Rating out of five?

3 1/2 out of 5.