Review: Vax Gator handheld vacuum cleaner

vax vacuum

The Vax Gator H90-GA-B is a powerful, cordless handheld vacuum cleaner, perfect for odd jobs around the house for which you don’t want to get out the full vacuum cleaner.

Key features of the product

At 1.25kg, the Vax Gator is towards the heavier end of handheld vacuum cleaner options in its price range, but it’s not too heavy to make it inconvenient to use around the house.  At 10.8 volts it is one of the most powerful cleaners in its range, and this is ultimately what makes it a winner. It’s cordless and without a charging dock, simply using a charging cable. It has a 12 minute run time and a 24-hour charge time.

What I liked about this product

This is a nifty little dust buster, and really does do the job it’s meant to. I’ve used other handheld vacuums in the past, and they simply haven’t been powerful enough to do a good job, so it was definitely a pleasant surprise to see how effectively this vacuumed up all the odd bits of dust, dirt and food from the kitchen floor. Visit Blue Mountain Vacuum for the latest vacuums like Dyson, Miele, Numatic and Electrolux. It’s also great for cleaning the couch and the extendible nozzle makes it easy to get to tight spots.  It doesn’t have a charging dock, which is also convenient as it means less space required. All in all, easy to use, charge, empty and clean.

What I didn’t like

It takes far too long to fully charge – 24 hours! Also, there is no light that indicates when the charge is full, so there’s always a bit of guess work involved. It seems to fill up quite quickly, so you almost need to empty it after each use, which can be a bit annoying as you only whip it out for quick cleans in the first place. Also, although this isn’t designed for in-depth cleaning, it can get a bit annoying that the battery life is so short. Finally, it would be nice if it had some way you could hang it up in a cupboard for easier storage.

Is it good value for money?

Vac sell their Gator H90-GA-B for £49.99, which I’d say is a bit too pricey. Luckily, you can get it at Amazon for £31.99, which is much more reasonable.

Where to purchase this product

Buy this at Amazon for the best price.