Review: Gtech AirRam

air ram

The Gtech AirRam is an upright vacuum cleaner that matches the performance of mains powered equivalents but without the cord.

It has received Good Housekeeping Institute endorsement after rigorous testing of this innovative vacuum cleaner. It’s wireless, rechargeable and has no cyclone, no bag and no cord.

What I liked about the product

My husband says I clean the house far too much and he’s right I do!  I get a bit obsessed about a clean house which sometimes is hard with a four year old in the house and a Jack Russell.

So step forward the GTech  AirRam Vacuum Cleaner.  It doesn’t look like a normal cordless vacuum – it’s just so slim, light and sexy!

The AirRam is a simple and energy-efficient product looking to steal some of the Dyson’s innovative thunder and does make vacuuming an absolute pleasure.

How does it perform?

I was initially a little sceptical about how the AirRam might perform. It is battery powered, light and doesn’t have a suction method like other vacuum cleaners on the market.

Gtech-Vacuum-CleanerI started to test it out in my daughter’s bedroom which my husband had just finished decorating. As you can imagine it had dust, plaster, nails and large scraps of wallpaper all over the carpet. Men! They never clean-up do they?!

This could easily cause blockages and damages to many traditional vacuum cleaners but the Air Ram passed with flying colours. It swept up large pieces of dust and debris and the carpet looked brand new. I was amazed!

It has made such a difference to keeping the carpets clean and tidy, and you can whizz round with no wires, plus it’s so light.

One of the main factors why I am totally in love with the AirRam is that it is battery powered, no dragging of a cable or unplugging, it’s a God send!

I power through my whole house in a matter of minutes. There’s no bag or cylinder too which makes it cheaper in the long run and no bags to buy!

The Air Ram traps dirt in a compact plastic container which lifts easily out of the base so you can tip it directly into the rubbish bin, perfect!!

What I didn’t like…

There is nothing to dislike – it’s a very effective product. I’m in love with this vacuum cleaner!

Would you recommend this product?

I would definitely recommend this product for any person who wants to change the way they vacuum their home forever. It’s amazing!

Where can you purchase this product?

You can purchase the GTech AirRam for £199 from John Lewis