Cheap Trampolines in the UK: get 40% off

cheap trampolines in the uk: get 40% off

The joy of trampolining knows no bounds (pun intended) – and if you know where to look, you can get cheap trampolines at a bargain price!

Trampolines have become a popular purchase in the UK, and it’s not hard to see why. They’re cheap (at the right stores), easy to install, and require little space other than a small corner of the garden. You can even take portable ones to the park!

Kids (and adults) never get bored of using them, and they even help keep you fit.

Why shop online for cheap trampolines

cheap trampolines

Thanks to retailers like Trampoline Collection and Asda Direct, you can now get cheap trampolines online.  What’s the point in trudging all the way to a store and lugging a huge trampoline back home, when you can usually get it cheaper online – and delivered straight to your door?

You can even get cash-back with your online purchases, saving you as much as 10% on already discounted cheap trampolines.

Where to find cheap trampolines


cheap trampolines Now that we have found out how best to buy cheap trampolines, let’s find out where to buy them. Generally speaking toy-stores and DIY stores are the largest stockists of trampolines, but there are specialists as well.  The best places to get cheap trampolines are:

Trampoline Warehouse

Trampoline Warehouse have a no-nonsense approach to selling trampolines with a very simple and easy to use website. They have some great deals, and often chuck in free covers, ladders and spring tensioning tools – giving you everything you could possibly need for less. Their collection of trampolines start from £119.

We like: The free next day delivery to mainland England and Wales.

We don’t like: The limited information on the trampolines that they sell.

Trampoline Collection

Similar to Trampoline Warehouse, Trampoline Collection deals exclusively in trampolines and has a very simple page design. It’s easy to pick and choose just the right kind of trampoline you want based on colour, size, price, shape and enclosure type.

We like: Free delivery and the easy to navigate website.

We don’t like: Somewhat limited number of brands to choose from.

Asda Direct

We have included Asda Direct even though it currently sells only one trampoline – the JumpKing 10ft Trampoline with enclosure. Why? Because it is only £99. This is possibly the best price ever for a well known trampoline brand. We have to agree with the customer reviews: we couldn’t find a cheaper garden trampoline of the same dimensions anywhere else.

We like: The amazing low price.

We don’t like: Need we say it? For having only one trampoline on sale!


Ah! Britain’s favourite retailer for all things under the sky. It has a great selection of trampolines that can’t be found anywhere else, but we found that the larger trampolines tend to be higher priced than those available at specialist trampoline shops.

We like: The sheer variety of options available.

We don’t like: Delivery and postage charges, higher prices for larger trampolines.


Smyths might not have the large selection of cheap trampolines that some of the others have, but their ‘trampoline guide’ is worth a read.

We like: The very helpful website that has lots of information on the best ways to choose a trampoline (and how best to maintain them).

We don’t like: The limited number of cheap trampolines available.

Why is trampolining good for you?


cheap trampolines Trampolining, whether for pleasure or taken up as a sport, is an excellent way to get and stay fit.

The word trampoline comes from the Spanish word for diving board, but don’t be fooled by all the jumping around – trampolining is a proper Olympic sport in which gymnasts perform complex acrobatic moves. It’s an excellent way to keep in shape.

So even if your kids start off on cheap trampolines in the back garden, who knows where the love of trampolining might take them?

Remember though, complex manoeuvres can lead to accidents and injuries. Always follow the instructions on your trampoline and don’t leave the kids unsupervised. You can search for your local trampolining club here for more useful information and for details of classes or social trampolining groups.

The physical benefits of trampolining include:

  • Strengthening of limbs
  • Improved muscle tone
  • Improved reaction speeds
  • Improved spatial awareness

How to choose cheap trampolines


cheap trampolines Choose your trampoline with care.

  • If you have a small garden, then a smaller diameter or foldable trampoline might be best for you.
  • You might also want to consider the safety factor. How old are your kids? Would you want to have a cheeky go at the trampoline yourself? If so, go for a slightly larger diameter trampoline with a sturdier frame.
  • Try going for all-inclusive models that feature safety pads and safety nets. If your trampoline doesn’t have these parts then you will have to spend a little extra to cover up the exposed parts.
  • Price should always be a consideration. Are you getting a good deal? Is it a cheap trampoline on a discount, or an overpriced one with features that you don’t need?

8ft Trampolines: These are suitable for small children and toddlers. The small soft springs provide a manageable bounce for tiny tots, and they come with an enclosure and ladder for peace of mind. These are perfect for smaller gardens and are one of the most popular cheap trampolines.

10ft Trampolines: 10ft trampolines are perfect for pre-teens, with springs that provide just the right bounce for ages 4 to 14 years.

12ft Trampolines: These are versatile and are great for the whole family. These are sturdy and big enough for adults, too!

14ft Trampolines: These are the largest garden trampolines and can cater to all shapes and sizes. The bouncing room gives enough space to pull some truly amazing tricks to impress the neighbours.

For further guidance on how to choose a trampoline read the Smyths’ guide on trampolines.

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