Christmas Gifts for Foodies

Pink macaroons with raspberries and white chocolate drops on black wooden background

There are so many delicious food and drink items out there to tempt us to overindulge during the festive season. Our good intentions always seems to start ‘tomorrow’ or ‘next week’. We’ve rounded up five of our favourite items to give someone this Christmas.

Salted Caramel Seahorses by Guylian

A decadent taste explosion. Indulge in these beautifully crafted Sea Horse chocolates, filled with a luxuriously soft caramel made in-house by Guylian.

The perfect gift under £5 for chocolate lovers far and wide. Don’t they look totally scrumptious?!

Special Offers:
Price: £8.80
Where to buy: Amazon

Wild Cognac 1719

WILD is an eau de vie made of the best organically grown grapes from our family vineyard in the South West of France, the area that produces the finest brandies. With WILD, we are bringing back the forgotten drink that sailors and merchants from the 16th century were drinking long before anyone even thought to age eau de vie to create Cognac. The wine is distilled twice in traditional copper pot stills where the finest and strongest aromas are created.

Special Offers:
Price: £31
Where to buy: Pre-order for next bath direct from Wild

Snaffling Pig Salt & Vinegar Pork Scratchings

These delicious chunks of pork crackling are made to celebrate the noble porker. What a hero he is. If he had hands, we’d high five him.

Fruit Jam in a Tube

Exquisite range of gourmet extra fruit jams with spices and herbs. The ideal stylish gourmet gift or treat for gourmet foodies.

The inspiration for these jams came from the metal tubes of paint that changed the art world. Our tubes are filled with the colour palettes of delicious fruit tones, like the yellow of pear and Azores pineapple, the green of apple, the blue of blueberries. Perfect gift for foodies and gourmands alike.

Special Offers:
Price: £4.75
Where to buy: NotOnTheHighStreet