All I Want For Father’s Day Is…

It’s that time of year when Mother’s Day is well and truly over and it’s time to celebrate the men in our lives for Father’s Day. It seems, if the dads on Reddit are anything to go by that having a lie in, some quiet time and getting to spend quality time with the kids hits their sweet spots.

Despite the requests being fairly straightforward and simple, it’s easier said than done when your children are that little bit older, daddy getting ‘quiet time to sit and play his Xbox’ with young children around is seriously testing the limits….

What Dads Really Want For Father’s Day

pblood40 – socks and underwear

AXPendergast – Just to have the kids actually remember to mention it. Without being reminded by Mrs. Ax.

ParkingLotRanger – Peace and ******* quiet.

immatonton – If I were a dad, I’d just want my kids to spend the day with me. I’d pay, just give me your time.

TeachMuahMaster – Beer

allyallmfersneed – Time together with my family. I don’t care what we do, what we eat, where we go, or what I get…being around my kids is the best gift I could get. Oh, and a nap.

KingSix_o_Things – To be left alone. To sleep in undisturbed. To be able to sit in front of the Xbox or PC and not have to make conversation with or parent anyone unless I wanted to. I would be so happy.

Pavlovs_Doug – Seriously? Just a card. I know how hard it is financially (at least for my kids in school and stuff) I don’t need anything. If I want something? I use my Amazon Prime and buy it. Just a card or even a nice Facebook post is fine.