How To Find The Perfect Flooring For Your Home


Finding the perfect flooring for the whole family can be tricky – it needs to stand up to the everyday wear and tear of a hectic home, but also look effortlessly stylish at all times. Here you’ll find our top suggestions for busy households…

Stylish and practical vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring is making a huge comeback in the style stakes. It comes in a whole host of amazing colours, patterns, effects and textures – so there’s a design to suit every home and every room in it. Although the look of trendy vinyl is an obvious selling point, this flooring is also perfect for families with young children and pets.

Vinyl is amazingly easy to keep clean, it’s water and stain-resistant, meaning any spills or marks can simply be wiped away in an instant. It can be swept, mopped of vacuumed, so whatever your cleaning weapon of choice, it’ll come up like new every time! Pair that with a flame retardant surface protection for added safety. It’s also nice and soft underfoot, so it makes a great playing surface, toy cars and trains just simply don’t roll so well on carpet!


This flooring is usually a big hit with kids, not only because it’s fun to play on, but also because of the funky designs it comes in. With stripes, mosaics, bright colours and intricate patterns to name just a few, there’s a vinyl flooring to suit every member of your family.

The icing on the cake here is that along with all of these brilliant benefits, vinyl is also an affordable solution. There’s no longer any need to break the bank paying out for the most expensive, indestructible flooring for your family’s home – the obvious answer to all of your flooring-related problems is probably vinyl.

Family-friendly carpet

If you’ve got youngsters, pets or just a busy lifestyle, then a hardwearing carpet could be the perfect solution if you don’t want to lose the cosiness of a carpeted floor. Even if your home isn’t particularly hectic, hardwearing carpet is ideal for stairways, hallways, and any other area of the home that has to cope with lots of feet!


Family friendly carpet

If you do have dogs or cats, however, it’s advised that you steer clear of having loop pile carpets in your home. The loops of this type of carpet can snag on pets’ claws, a painful accident that is best avoided! I suggest you find out more about cat communication at Tuxedo Cat.

Luckily there are plenty of beautiful but practical and affordable carpets out there that are pet and family friendly. From bold patterns to neutral textures, there’s a huge choice when it comes to stain-resistant carpet.

Family friendly carpet 2

Get creative with kids’ bedroom ideas

Let’s face it, the only flooring that children ever really care about it that of their bedroom. A child’s bedroom is their little sanctuary from the outside world and an expression of their favourite colours, hobbies, cartoon characters, stories… it’s a little piece of them.

That’s why it’s important to take some time choosing the perfect flooring for your kids’ bedrooms. Character carpets, bright colours, striped vinyl flooring and every colour of the rainbow are ideal for children’s rooms. You can even get your hands on a funky street map patterned carpet that is absolutely perfect for playing on, making the floor a part of the fun instead of buying expensive play mats and tables that can cause unnecessarily frustrating clutter around your home.


Whatever you feel suits your home and your families own unique preferences and needs, there are plenty of flooring options out there that can help make your house a lovely family home. Just make sure you think of style and practicality when shopping around, and don’t make the mistake of being swayed drastically in one direction over the other.