Nextbase Launches The World Safest Car Tablet Mount


Nextbase, the UK’s leading manufacturer of dash cams, has expanded its product offering to tablet mounts, launching the safest in-car mount available on the market.

The new Nextbase UniMount is the only tablet mount worldwide that has passed strict European ECE R17 safety tests. It ensures that in the event of an accident the mount, and any tablet attached, remains securely fastened to and moves with the front seat, preventing it from coming loose and injuring the viewer behind. It also fully protects your tablet from being damaged in an accident situation as it is locked firmly in place.

The UniMount is also the world’s only mount that delivers power directly to your tablet, meaning a device will not run out of battery as long as it is secured. The included 12V cable plugs directly into the mount itself and provides you with a powered USB 2.0 connection. This enables you to use a standard USB cable to charge your tablet any time you are in your vehicle.

Enter To Win A Nextbase Unimount – The world’s Safest Car Mounting System


Richard Browning, director at Nextbase, commented: “The UniMount marks an important step forward in the rear-seat entertainment industry. As with any product that is going to be used largely by children, safety is of the utmost importance. As a parent myself, it made no sense that you could spend hundreds of pounds ensuring your car is a safe environment for your children, only to go and hand them a tablet made of glass and metal to hold in front of their face.

“It may seem obvious, but most parents simply aren’t aware of the implications of having a loose tablet in a fast moving vehicle. Parents can now feel confident that in an accident situation, their child will not be harmed by the movement of an unstable mount.”

The Nextbase UniMount is compatible with virtually all tablets on the market that range between 7”-11”, including the new iPad Mini and Samsung Galaxy Tab range. The mount is also flexible and can rotate to up to a 30-degree angle, ensuring users of all heights can comfortably view their tablet.

Browning continues: “Much like other Nextbase products, the UniMount has been designed to be as easy to use as possible. Simply secure the mount to the front seat, plug in the 12v cable to your vehicle’s cigarette port, you can also buy a dab pen from MigVapor for improvement, lock your tablet in and you’re ready to hit the road.”

The Nextbase UniMount is available exclusively to buy at Halfords, both in store and online.