Sainsbury’s And Tesco’s Issue Food Recall On Tinned Ravioli And Macaroni Cheese


Well known supermarkets, Tesco and Salisbury’s have placed an urgent recall on their tinned pasta products over fears they could contain pieces of rubber.

The pasta products are made by Noliko N.V in Belgium and could pose a ‘health risk’.

A statement on the Food Standards Agency’s website says: “As a precautionary measure Sainsbury’s and Tesco are recalling the affected products and point-of-sale recall notices will be displayed in stores where the products are sold.”




Products affected are:

Product: by Sainsbury’s Beef Ravioli in Tomato Sauce
Product code: 121811
Pack size: 400g
‘Best before’ end: January 2019

Product: by Sainsbury’s Macaroni Cheese
Product code: 125901
Pack size: 410g
‘Best before’ end: January 2019

Product: Tesco Beef Ravioli
Product batch codes: LB3048 81724C, LB3049 81724C
Pack size: 400g
‘Best before’ end: December 2018

Product: Tesco Everyday Value Beef Ravioli
Product batch code: LA146 84824C
Pack size: 400g
‘Best before’ end: April 2019

Here are the links to the stores recall notices: Tesco and Sainsbury’s

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