10 Valentine gifts for under £10

valentine gifts

valentine giftsThey say money can’t buy love, but it seems that’s exactly what we all try to do each year, so it’s no wonder that Valentine’s Day has grown into a multi-billion pound industry.

Traditionally, however, Valentine’s Day was a day to celebrate love and affection in a small way. Where couples expressed their love for each other with token gifts, flowers, cards or chocolates.

So if you want to get back to the heart of Valentine’s Day and steer away from OTT gifts – you’ve come to the right place. Here are our top ideas for Valentine’s gifts under £10.


1. The traditional gift

Raised Chocolate Heart £1.56. Indulge your loved one with a traditional Valentine’s gift – confectionary. This is a Belgian chocolate heart gorgeously designed and gift boxed. Guaranteed to make someone happy.

2. The fun gift

Love On Toast £3.99. We love this gift, as it’s a fun way to get a Valentine’s Day breakfast in bed. Declare your love in the most novel of ways. Simply press the Love on Toast Stamp firmly into a slice of bread before toasting and then serve.

3. The romantic gift

I Still Get Butterflies – Card £3.95. In Victorian times a Valentine card was the gift and this one says it all. Let your loved one know how you feel with the heart melting words “I still get butterflies every time I see you”.

4. The treat gift

Spa Hot Rocks £7.99. An ideal home spa treatment for the one you love. Simply
heat the stones in water and use with essential oils to give a deep, relaxing massage. Stone therapy dates back 5,000 years to India. There are around nine stones in total, and they are presented in a luxury red or black drawstring bag, and come complete with a full instruction booklet.

5. The heart-shaped gift

Sterling Silver Guardian Heart Charm £9.99. This guardian heart charm is an ideal Valentine’s gift. It’s made from sterling silver, and comes presented attached to a card, which reads: “This silver heart represents our friendship. Whether you carry or wear it, please touch it often. It can conjure up the happiest of thoughts and will remind you that you are never alone. This is my present to you.”

6. The use everyday gift

Personalized Words of Love Mug £9.95.  We’re loving this mug because it’s been designed with lots of little love sayings (such as I Love… cooking/Sundays/television/pizza and singing to name a few) either side of the handles. These are all printed in different font types and in black and white, however there are also a few in red – that you can personalize with your favourite love things.

7. The saucy gift

Love Vouchers £2.99.  A designer set of 6 ‘Love Experience Vouchers’. Treat your loved one to: Breakfast in Bed, A Picnic for Two, A Top-to-Toe Pamper, A Night In! An ‘Activity’ of their Choice and one blank to write your own. The cheques come beautifully printed and tied with a satin ribbon.

8. The retro gift

Love Hearts Sweets Mini Rolls x 100 rolls £8.75. Here’s a 100 novel ways to say I love you in thousands of different ways. The retro sweets come 7 to a packet and you get 100 rolls for just £8.75. Shower your lover with them, hide them around the house or present them to him/her in a love heart.

9. The love token gift

I Love You (in every language) token £9.00. This is the perfect love token – a wonderful glass keepsake gift that’s been created by hand. It’s engraved with – ‘I love you’ in various languages. What more can you say?

10. The most likely to make them cry gift

The Little Book of I Love You £6.38. This amazing bestseller presents a collection of love themed messages in words, photos, puzzles, and Braille, and even pages that stick together (the universal law of attraction). It contains dozens of other creative ways to say, “I love you” and is guaranteed to bring a tear to anyone’s eye come February 14th.