Affordable maternity fashion

Pregnant funky woman

Pregnant funky womanStaying stylish during pregnancy can be an expensive business. It’s not always the time you feel at your sexiest either, but just because you’ve temporarily lost your waistline doesn’t mean you have to lose your sense of style too. If you’re careful, and creative, it is quite possible to be pregnant and fashionable on a budget.

A friend in need

First things first: it’s time to phone a friend. If you have friends with young families, chances are they’ll have a bag of unwanted maternity clothes stashed away somewhere. Most people will be more than happy to see them go to a good home, so don’t be afraid to ask.

You could even consider putting an ‘items wanted’ ad up on your local primary school or preschool notice board, as it will be parents with kids this age who are likely to still be hanging on to their maternity wear. And of course once you’re done, don’t forget to hang on to your best items to pass on in the future!

Affordable maternity wear online

One of the great things about the internet is that you can shop around without leaving the house – ideal when you’re pregnant, tired or struggling with morning sickness. Buying maternity wear online also means you can often find a better price than on the high street.

As well as cheap new clothes, consider looking for second hand maternity wear. Because they’re only worn for a few months, second hand maternity clothes are normally still in very good condition, so do check out places like eBay. Specialist second hand maternity sites such as the Maternity Exchange are also well worth a look.

Adapt your existing wardrobe

Being pregnant doesn’t have to mean a whole new wardrobe. With tunics, leggings and loose-fitting knitwear and dresses still proving popular, there’s no need to splash out on too many specialist clothes. Shop wisely, and your pregnancy wardrobe should be just as wearable post-baby.

Invest in a Bumpband and you can very simply change your regular clothes into maternity wear. The Bumpband is worn around your tummy, under clothes, hides undone buttons, and covers any gaps. It looks just like you’re wearing an extra vest or t-shirt and also provides some much needed support to your growing belly.

If you fancy getting busy with the sewing machine, you could even have a go at making your own alterations. There are loads of great ideas online for turning old into new. is a gorgeous website by mums across the Atlantic, full of creative, money-saving project ideas. Their maternity sewing round-up is a fantastic resource, with links to loads of money-saving sewing tutorials.