School’s been out for summer for a few weeks and now parents up and down the country and scrabbling around organising the various bits n’bobs ready for the children going back to school, mine are actually very excited because the school did a new Football Pitch Construction, but there’s no doubt that getting ready for back to school can be hectic  – so here are a few things to bear in mind to make sure you’re all sorted before the school term starts.

back to school

School Shoes

School shoes don’t have to be a big expense as there are lots of offers out there, you just need to spend a little time on researching the best deals. Children’s feet can suddenly grow during a growth spurt so it’s always a good idea to get their feet measured again just before they go back and either exchange the unworn pair for the larger size or leave buying the shoes until a little later.

Deichmann have a brilliant offer on at the moment which is Buy 1 Get 1 Half Price on all school shoes. If you have more than one child, this is a real money saver.

Popular School Shoe Styles


School Uniform

Top priority when heading back to school is the uniform. The new school year will come around quickly, and you might be starting to see some ankle swingers appear.

Have a fashion show, see if your little ones still fit into their uniforms and make sure you don’t double up and waste money buying things you don’t need. Are their trousers too short? See if you can unstitch the hem, or maybe cut them into shorts for the summer.

Already supermarkets have started putting school uniforms back on the racks – so check what’s available there before heading to the more expensive uniform shops.

Or if you have enough parents in the same position looking for uniform you could host a back to school swap and put on an annual clothes exchange. Find more tips on cutting the costs of school uniform here.

School Supplies

Check your child’s stationary stash and replace any pens and pencils that have already been lost or run out.

Dig out the information on the school website or newsletter for a list of any required supplies and use the summer sales to your advantage to bag a job lot of pens and basic stationary that will last you. Grab the discounts now and you can keep any extras stowed away until the kids come to pester you that they’ve run out/broken/eaten their last pencil.

Labelling Everything

Any new supplies or uniform should be labelled – so if they do get mixed up or lost, then you’ve got a decent chance of them being returned. If you’re feeling fancy then you can order labels online fairly cheaply and in bulk from websites such as Name-Labels or Easy2name. Or alternatively just grab a permanent marker or fabric pen and write it on yourself!

Planning Ahead

Have your little ones signed up to any new extra-curricular activities before or after school? What is the new school calendar? Any school trips you need or events that you need to plan ahead for? Mark them in your diary and put any money or paperwork needed aside now.

Plan Lunches

It’s a new year, so there’s no better time to get in the habit of planning meals in advance to save money. Our eBook has loads of inspirational ideas on how you can transform the leftovers of delicious family meals into packed lunch ideas for the kids. Say goodbye to soggy sarnies!

Extra Tuition

How are the kids getting along? If you feel they need any extra help or tuition, the new school term could be the perfect time to enrol them.

There are ways you can use learning resources and extended schools so your kids can get the help they need (without the usual massive price tag!) Check out if you can claim some of the costs through extra tax credits. Plus it’s worth looking into the free and discounted learning resources available online.

Declutter the Bedrooms

We all hate that feeling of stepping on a stray piece of Lego barefoot in the mornings. If the kid’s bedrooms seem to have had an influx of toys now is the time to declutter. It will help get both your days off to the right start, and hopefully make that crazy morning school run as easy and smooth as possible.

Mum Time

Let’s be honest. We love having the kids at home, but sending them back to school can also be a bit of a relief.  It can be nice to celebrate that bit of extra ‘me-time’ – so sit back, relax and indulge in a little luxury for less (these homemade beauty treats might be of interest). Just remember to take off the facemask before picking them up at the school gates. Bit uncool.