Cashback at the supermarket

cashback at the supermarket

The supermarket shop each week can be one of our biggest expenses, but what if there was a way to get cashback at the supermarket and actually make money from your groceries?

You can earn hundreds of pounds a year on groceries with a quick snap of your shopping receipt.

A bunch of savvy new tools give you the chance to get cashback on your cabbages, and squeeze every bit of savings you can from that dreaded trip to the supermarket.

Services from popular cashback sites TopCashback and Quidco mean that you can earn hundreds of pounds a year on groceries – simply by taking a quick snap of your shopping receipt.

TopCashback Snap and Save

topcashbackThe app gives you the chance to make money from your everyday groceries including butter, cereal, bread and yoghurt.

They have a list of around 30 everyday items that you can get cashback on, which change on a weekly basis. They also now include exciting new offers on non-grocery items including electricals and high street favourites.

How to get cashback at the supermarket

  • Download the app to your mobile for free
  • Check the offers on TopCashback
  • Go shopping and keep your receipt
  • Find the cashback offer and take a photo of your receipt using the app and submit it
  • Wait up to seven days to bag the cash


You could earn cashback  on groceries worth up to around £15 at the time of writing, but remember, the amount that you can get changes on a weekly basis.

You can get even more savings with cashback at the supermarket with products that are on offer in store.

To give you an example – Tesco has two packs of Kingsmill Rolls for £1.50 (they’re normally £1.10 each). But if you use your Snap & Save app, you get an extra 50p off through cashback. Better than half the price of the original cost!

PLUS if you do shop at Tesco and have a clubcard, for every £10 of cashback you earn, you can convert it to clubcard points.

So for every £10 you get 1,050 Tesco clubcard points which equals £10.50 to spend instore. Or for every £10 you can exchange for £42 worth of Tesco Rewards.


Once you’ve submitted that receipt, you’ll have to wait about two to three days (up to seven when it’s super busy) until you get that cashback in your account.

Plus you can only earn cashback on an item once per week.

Supermarkets included: Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Asda, Morrison’s, The Co-op, Iceland, Waitrose and M&S.

How much will it save me a week? Around £15 (but only if you get all the 28 products/brands on offer that week)

Quidco ClickSnap

ClickSnap gives you the chance to earn up to £88 every three weeks in cashback across 36 offers and is available as an app and on the website.

How to get cashback at the supermarket

  • Download the app to your mobile or sign up online
  • Check the 36 offers running for three weeks on Quidco
  • Go shopping at one of the included supermarkets
  • Find the cashback offer and take a photo of your receipt (for each offer a separate photo of the receipt is needed to be submitted. The photo needs to show the date and time of purchase, name of the supermarket and purchased item)
  • Wait for the cashback


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There are more offers to look at and you can get them through your online shop as well as in-store.

For example, if you’ve just bought one big 770g packet of Birds Eye crispy dippers for the kids, then you can get £1 cashback.


The app is free to download but Quidco will ask you for £5 a year from your earnings as a membership fee.

Can only be redeemed a maximum of three times per ‘cycle’ (one cycle = three weeks).

Supermarkets included: Asda, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose, Ocado and Morrisons.

How much will it save me a week? In theory you could save around £29 a week, or £88 per three week ‘cycle’. However to earn the full amount of cashback, you must redeem every one of the 36 offers three times within a three week ‘cycle’ period.


If you use this supermarket comparison site to buy your groceries then you can also take advantage of their cashback programme.

How cashback at the supermarket works

  • Check out items offering cashback online
  • Create a PayPal account on your ‘My account’ page
  • Get shopping on MySupermarket and add cashback items to your basket
  • Your cashback will be transferred to your attached PayPal account – a receipt may be needed


They are exclusive offers available to MySupermarket shoppers.

For a limited time you can also get 10% cashback on more than 1,000 products when you subscribe to the Mini-Store on the website. So you can pick your favourite brands (for example, Walkers crisps, Birds Eye, or top branded cleaning essentials and health and beauty products).

At the time of writing you can receive 100% cashback on McVitie’s Breakfast Porridge Oats biscuits at Tesco or £1 cashback when you buy any 3 packs of Activia yoghurt.


It can take up to two months to get your money back and there currently isn’t a large selection of products with good cashback deals.

Supermarkets included: Asda, Tesco, Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, and Ocado.

How much will it save me a week? Varies, but around £4 based on the current selection of products.