Shop late and save yourself time and money

late night shopping

late night shoppingLong queues, bored kids and no parking spaces can turn a simple shopping trip into a seriously stressful situation. It needn’t be if you choose to shop at night.

Avoid the crowds, save time and money, and stock up on store discounts – here’s why you should rethink the time of day you do your shopping.

On the high street

1. Plentiful parking

Instead of wasting time waiting for a car park to become available, you can whizz right in and find the perfect parking spot. There may even be one waiting for you right outside the store entrance.

2. It’s a night out!

Many high street stores open late on Thursday evenings, when they give out free food and drink samples, particularly at Christmas time. So make a date with a friend to have a girls’ shopping night.

3. Kid-free

Shop late and you won’t have the kids slowing you down. You can think solely about what you need to buy without worrying about tears and tantrums. You’ll also save time by not having to hide purchases from them.

4. Friendly staff

Shop assistants will be less harassed, so they’ll be more willing to help you when you have a question. If you’re stuck on gift ideas, they’ll have some to offer. Just tell them your budget and the kind of person you want to buy for and let them do the work!

5. Time to try on

While you may have headed out to buy some gifts for other people, don’t forget to treat yourself. Trying on clothes when the kids are around is a recipe for disaster so make the most of a quiet changing room and see what that new pair of jeans looks like.

At the supermarket

1. Quick and easy

Supermarkets are almost empty at night, which means you can walk through the aisles at speed and save lots of time and stress. Once you’ve finished, you won’t have to wait for a till to become free either. Think of all that time you’ll save by being served straight away.

2. No distractions

You won’t get so distracted when you’re shopping at night as there’s less to divert your attention away from what you should be doing. Fewer people, less noise and limited encounters of trolley rage make for a quicker and saner shopping experience.

3. Better bargains

Save money by making sure you’re getting the best deal. When a store’s quiet you can take a proper look at the different brands without feeling flustered by other shoppers. This means you can get the most for your money.

4. End-of-day deals

Not only will you save time by shopping late, you’ll find lots of end-of-day deals as many products are discounted. Supermarkets prefer to sell items cheap rather than not sell them at all, so make the most of the available offers.

5. You won’t leave hungry

The number one rule of shopping is not to go when you’re hungry as you’re likely to buy more food than you need. Shopping late at night on a full stomach means you’re less likely to fill your trolley with expensive junk.