Shop local, save money

root vegetables

root vegetablesFood shopping is a huge part of family life. It takes time, effort – and increasing amounts of money. Relieve some of that burden by shopping locally, and shopping smarter.

Supermarkets Vs local shops

Shopping locally can be cheaper than using supermarkets. The big four chains will have food from around the world, but it comes at a price.

Saving money by buying from local independent shops requires a change of mindset, so consider the following:

1. Costs

It may seem efficient to drive to the retail park once a week and load up the car, but think about what it costs not only in petrol but also in time – by the time you’ve driven there, done the shop, loaded and unloaded back at home you could be looking at two to three hours.

2. Waste

Supermarkets are masters of marketing. BOGOF (buy one get one free) offers lure us to buy more than we need. Run a check on your fridge; how much is wasted every week? Check your receipts and add up how much you spend on different types of food – fresh meat, fruit and veg, bakery goods. Then try buying these locally. You could be surprised at the difference!

Buying foods in season

Local shops such as greengrocers, butchers, and bakeries generally take less profit than the big chains, and this benefit often passes to the customer.

Greengrocers in particular will only have fruit and veg which is in-season locally. It’s abundant for a short period, therefore it’s cheaper.

Another bonus is that local shopkeepers are usually delighted to share their knowledge and advice on their goods – and you’ll also be supporting your local economy!

Farmers’ markets

You can also consider shopping at farmers’ markets. You’ll usually find quality local produce, and stallholders will share great ideas and recipes on how you can use their products. Plus, you’ll often find face-painting, bouncy castles and other entertainment to make it a great day out for the family.