Top 10 New Year’s shopping resolutions

Shopping resolutions

Shopping resolutionsIf Christmas has left you broke, it’s time to make some New Year resolutions to seek out the best bargains, hunt for cheap buys in the sales and save time and money by shopping online. Here are the vows you need to take!

You can save pounds by changing your shopping habits, budgeting carefully and not making those impulse buys which you don’t need and which can blow your budget.

1. Shop around

Online stores may have the best bargains if you compare prices, but remember to add on the cost of postage and delivery.

2. Make lists

Stick to your weekly shopping list but don’t be lured in by the displays. The products may look good but you don’t need them!

3. Drop brand levels

Cut costs of your supermarket shop by going down a brand level for each item you buy. So, if you normally go for the luxury brand, drop it to the average brand and you can save hundreds of pounds over the year.

4. Find bargains on discount shelves

Supermarkets sell meat and other produce on its sell-by date at discount prices which can be put in the freezer to use later, while other stores may have end of line stock or slightly damaged clothes at discount prices, which you can make new again with a needle and thread.

5. Buy in bulk

Buy cooking ingredients in bulk so you can benefit from economies of scale and cook up loads of portions of the same dish that you can freeze. You might even consider joining or setting up a local food co-op to save even more cash.

6. Discount vouchers

Cut costs by using discount vouchers and coupons available online and through the post.

7. Share the cost with a friend

Shop with a pal or relative so you can both make the most of the ‘buy one get one free’ or ‘three for two’ offers. This will reduce the cost of goods when you only want individual items.

8. Be budget conscious

Keep all your receipts for the week and work out where you could save money. What did you buy that you really didn’t need, and what might you have bought cheaper? Now set yourself a target for next week.

9. Go to the sales

Buy end-of-season sale goods, like next summer’s swimsuit or next year’s winter coat, when they’re cheaper. Look for machine-washable items rather than dry-clean only to save time and money.

10. Tie the purse strings

Have a day a week where you try not to spend any money at all.