Top children’s books as voted by kids

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Reading is a great way to enjoy spending quality time with the kids, but what books do children really love? The Redhouse Children’s Book Award is the only national award voted for entirely by the little nippers. Get the real recommendations of stories that will keep their imaginations growing.

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The Spooky Spooky House by Andrew Weale  – £3.49

spooky houseOverall winner of the Redhouse book awards, this is a fun and interactive book with plenty for little ones to explore in the clever lift-the-flap and pop-up book. Great for a scare-tastic trick or treat for young ones aged 3+.

Eye-catching illustrations, a surprise on the last page that kids will love as you go read about the haunted house.


Gangsta Granny by David Walliams  – £6.49

gangsta grannyWinner of the Younger Readers Award, in this book Ben’s granny seems like your average kind of granny – all white hair, false teeth, likes a bit of Scrabble… but there is something a bit different… oh, she’s an international jewel thief!

This book written by comedian David Walliams will provide plenty of giggles and is sure to keep your little ones concentration.


The Medusa Project: Hit Squad by Sophie McKenzie – £3.49

the medusa projectWinner of the Older Readers Award this thrilling teen and pre-teen novel is the latest part in the exciting and gripping Medusa Project series. It follows a group of teens are questioning how can psychics be wrong and delivers a riveting and explosive end to the action-packed series for boys and girls.





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