Bread maker: Where to get the cheapest deals and offers

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Marc LockleyImagine waking up to the smell of freshly baked bread; it’s almost enough to dissuade you hitting the snooze button on a Monday morning. Last week was ‘real bread maker week’, so we peeked at five popular bread maker brands, and found that you could save plenty of dough by shopping around.

Luxury loaves can be created as some machines allow you to add your own favourite ingredients, often at the fraction of the price of supermarket equivalents.

Bread makers under £50

The Russell Hobbs 18036 bread maker can bake 1lb, 1.6lb and 2.2lb loaves, with features allowing you to make wholewheat, pizza dough and even jam. If you prefer light crusts to dark you have a crust control setting as well. The best price available for this machine is £45.89, including delivery, with Pixmania and Amazon, though you would feel that you had your fingers burnt forking out £89.99 with another retailer.

Model: Russell Hobbs18036

Special features:

  • 1lb, 1.6lb and 2.2lb loaves
  • 12 programmable combinations
  • 13 hour delay bake timer

Highest price: £89.99

Joint best deal: Amazon with super saver delivery and Pixmania including delivery for £45.89.

Bread makers under £100

The Morphy Richards 48321 can bake many types of speciality bread, including wholewheat, and also prepare dough for pizzas and cake. Bread maker recipes are included in the instruction booklet. Buy direct from Morphy Richards for the best deal at £54.99, or via Pixmania at £60.98, both offering free delivery.

Model: Morphy Richards 48321

Special features:

  • 17 programmes
  • 12 hour delay timer
  • Bread maker recipes

Highest price: £80

Best deal: Pixmania for £60.98

The Kenwood BM260 is a Good Housekeeping Institute approved bread maker, producing a quick loaf through the eco button in 85 minutes, or a premium white loaf in three hours. It can also delay start by 15 hours so you can rise to the lovely aroma of fresh bread. Buy at its highest price you’d be paying £110, however both Currys and John Lewis share the top slot at £68.

Model: Kenwood BM260

Special features:

  • Eco button
  • 15 hour delay timer
  • Makes gluten-free bread

Highest price: £110

Joint best deal: £68 joint with John Lewis and Currys.

The Kenwood BM450 has 15 programmes, baking your own loaf in as little as 58 minutes. Equally, you can set your own timings for the different stages of bread making if you prefer. It also has an ingredients dispenser, which automatically dispenses your extra ingredients (perhaps fruit and nuts) at an appropriate time during the bread making cycle. Regularly priced at over £130, Amazon and Dixons win best pricing at £92.25.

Model: Kenwood BM450

Special features:

  • Ingredients dispenser
  • Three loaf sizes up to 1kg
  • 12-hour delay timer
  • 1 hour keep warm function

Highest price: £146

Joint best deal: Amazon and Dixons for £92.25

Bread makers under £125

bread makerThe Panasonic SD-2501 is a Which? best buy that makes both wholemeal and white bread and comes with an automatic fruit and nut dispenser, and gluten-free and rye programmes. Best price is offered by Laskys and Kitchen Science at £117.99 and if you are a Nectar card holder and collect points online you can go via Nectar, gaining triple points with either store until 5th June.

Model: Panasonic SD-2501

Special features:

  • 11 Bread and dough modes
  • Gluten-free programme
  • Fruit and nut dispenser

Highest price: £175

Joint best deal: Laskys at £117.99

Prices tend to change rapidly, so if you find different or better prices, or want to sing the praises of your own machine, please put your comments below.

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Marc Lockley is a coach and money saving writer. He is the author of How To Pay Less For More, a book showing people how to negotiate in shops, showrooms and even with the boss over working part-time. As a dad of two, Marc values his work/life balance and is a dab hand at using money saving techniques to keep the bills down.