Cheap baby clothes: where to find high quality and low prices

cheap baby clothes

Your baby is growing by leaps and bounds and before you know it, your tiny bundle of joy will have outgrown their rotary clotheslines. For the first few weeks you need enough newborn clothes to ensure your baby stays warm and clean. The important thing is to buy in bulk for you baby. Be prepared for plenty of baby clothes changes. These are the basics of kitting out your baby:

Stretch suits/rompers/all-in-ones

These are for all times of the day or four stretch suits and two night time dresses.  Basically these one-pieces are convenient whether sleeping or playing. No matter how cute it looks avoid clothes with complicated straps or thingamajigs that require too much effort to take on and off.

Top Buy! | John Lewis All in One | £12

cheap baby clothes What we like: Soft cotton fabric with little details like ‘toe-safe’ design to stop loose threads wrapping around tiny toes.

Front popper design with easy dressing and nappy changes only add to the appeal.



Also consider | John Lewis Sleepsuits Pack of 3 | £7.50

cheap baby clothes

What we like: Beautiful contrasting trims, enclosed feet and popper fastenings.

We also like the contrasting stripe, lion and star designs. Being 100% cotton, they will keep your baby cool and let them crawl all over the place without getting dirty.



Socks and booties

In winter add booties or socks to the top of the list. But even in summers, socks add a layer of protection to your baby’s feet and prevent them from getting dirty. Always make sure that the socks don’t have any loose threads which the baby’s toes can poke through.

Top Buy! | Asda George Reindeer Baby Pop Ons | £2

cheap baby clothes What we like: These oh so cute reindeer booties are perfect for keep feet warm and protected when crawling around inside the house.

The price is great at just £2. Can you find a better money-saving deal anywhere?!




Also consider | Asda three pack Tigger socks | £3

cheap baby clothes What we like: Because we like Tigger, and we feel that no-one can ever have enough of the lovable character, we are very partial to these socks.

Good value for money too; at £3 for three pairs, it can’t get any better.




Leggings or pull-on pants allow you to change dirty clothing with the least amount of hassle.

Top Buy! | Debenhams pack of two tights | £7

cheap baby clothes

What we like: The cosy designer tights are classy and ready to match a variety of dresses.

One of the pairs is cream with a navy spot pattern and the other pair has a navy background with contrasting cream stripes.




Also consider | ellos stitched in leggings | £6.30

cheap baby clothes

What we like: We like the drop waist ruffled skirt with stitched in leggings. Swedish designed and at a very reasonable price.

The fluorescent green pair of leggings add a dash of colour to your baby’s wardrobe.




Sweater and Jackets

Babies absolutely hate having things pulled over their head so make sure that the warm sweater or jacket has buttons on the front.

Top Buy! | Very Ladybird hooded top | £10

cheap baby clothes

What we like: The fashion statement of nautical stripes for a future fashionista. The hooded top for boys has buttons in the front for easy access.

Versatile and warm, the hooded top can go with leggings or trousers.




Also consider | Very Ladybird quilted jacket | £14

cheap baby clothes

What we like: The easy button up feature is a plus and we like the cord trim detail. A very classy piece for just £14.

We also like the attention to detail and the fact that the jacket can double up for an outing as much as it is perfect for wearing inside the house.




Pyjamas might look cute but do make sure that there are no complicated straps, buttons or zips to negotiate. These should be easy to get on and off.

Top Buy! | Asda Waybuloo baby pyjama set | £6


cheap baby clothes

What we like: We love the bright and colourful design and the colour co-ordinated  full feet bottoms.

We also love the cheeky monkey embroidered on front and the zany pyjamas to go with them.




Also consider | John Lewis stripe and plain trousers | £10

cheap baby clothes

What we like: They are comfortable and practical and a great choice for playtime.

Neutral colours means that they can colour co-ordinate with almost anything. The sleepy blue base colour also means that it is great for night-time as well.



The best places to get great looking cheap baby clothes

Asda George

  • What we like: There is always a sale on. You can snap up cheap baby clothes at a fraction of price compared to other retailers.
  • What we don’t like: It doesn’t have a lot of designer wear to choose from.


  • What we like: They have a wide selection of cool blue summer fashion.
  • What we don’t like: While they offer discounts on various clothing, we feel that some of the products were overpriced to begin with.

John Lewis

  • What we like: No other high street retailer can  beat the good taste in baby wear that John Lewis has to offer.
  • What we don’t like: Though you can get some of baby clothes at surprisingly affordable prices, we feel that dresses are overpriced.


  • What we like: We like the buy now and pay later facility where you can pay for your purchases in installments.
  • What we don’t like: We thought that the store had a limited selection of Baby Clothing to choose from.


Top Mums’ tips

cheap baby clothes It is better to handwash your babys’ clothes but if you are using a washing machine ensure that you don’t use powders with enzymes (bio-powders). Fabric conditioners might also irritate your baby’s skin. One of the top tips that our mothers swear by when it comes to stain removal is to wash the lightly coloured clothes together at around 90°C.

Just add a dash of Napisan with the detergent. This should take care of any stains. Try and line dry it. I know this is easier said than done especially in the UK, but the UV rays help kill off any remaining germs.

When you buy your cheap baby clothes resist the temptation to rip the labels off as soon as you get them and put them in the washing machine. Check they are the right fit – if you keep labels on then you might be able to return or exchange them.

Babies outgrow sizes quickly… very quickly. So plan ahead when you are buying for them. We advise you get clothes slightly on the bigger side rather than getting them too small. This way not only will your baby be comfortable and feel roomy but the clothes will last longer as well.

Avoid clothes that are too tight around the neck and have cords and loose strings. These could be a safety hazard for the baby. Always check your cheap baby clothes shopping to make sure that they are loose fitting.

Avoid clothes with loose decorative items. These could come off and become potential choking hazards. Similarly, always test to check if buttons are securely fastened.

Invest in a wool or thick cotton hat, a pair of mittens and warm socks and booties for outside. Go for close-knitted patterns rather than loose knitting so that your babies fingers and toes don’t get caught in the fabric.