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cheap video games

Whether casting spells as Gandalf, scoring the winner as Wayne Rooney or dancing like a diva, children up and down the land will be glued to their screens playing the latest games on their console this Christmas. Software prices vary hugely, as one example below shows for the same game there was a staggering difference of £40. Below are the best prices for chart topping, but cheap video games you can play with a good gaming mouse for league of legends, also check out the Antorus the burning throne boost which has been one of top games lately.

N.B. Prices were valid at time of publication but change quickly – just remember, shopping around will always help you find a cheaper price!

Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed

sonic all star+Compete across land, water and air in transforming vehicles changing from cars to boats to planes. Master your driving skills as you drift, barrel roll and boost to overtake rivals, use weapons to gain advantage or unleash your All-Star move.

Podium place went to Simply Games at £22.85, however Zavvi stormed into the lead with a race-winning price of £22.46 (without a code it is £24.95) after you plug in the code VCUK10 at checkout (10% off), however be quick as the code runs out on 1 December.


Rating: 7+

Highest price: £34.99

Best Prices:

  • PS3 for £22.46 at Zavvi (with discount code VCUK10)
  • Xbox 360 for £22.46 at Zavvi (with discount code VCUK10)

Just Dance 4

just dance 4 Just Dance 4 has over 40 hits like ‘Good Feeling’ by Flo Rida, and ‘Moves Like Jagger’ by Maroon 5, as well as older numbers from Barry White and The B-52’s, appealing to all age groups. Good for parties with Battle mode, when you can challenge your friends to dance offs; The Just Sweat mode includes workout sessions and even a calorie counter.

I would be sweating if I’d paid £34.99 as one uncharitable retailer was charging, however Zavvi are best priced for the Xbox 360 at £22.46 with the code mentioned earlier and Amazon lead the field on the PS3 and Wii.


Rating: 3+

Highest price: £34.99

Best prices:

  • Xbox 360 for £16.20 with Zavvi (with the code VCUK10)
  • Wii for £18.97 with Amazon
  • PS3 for £22.99 with Amazon

Fifa 13

cheap video games We have four versions of this game, with my son insisting that we get the latest one each year as players are updated. He justified this year’s purchase saying that you can now change your ultimate team and buy top players using an Apple app or your laptop.

You would score an own goal if you paid £44.99, however Zavvi takes top slot with £26.06 with the 10% code for the Wii. Shop to Net and Simply Games battle it out for the other consoles.


Rating: 3+

Highest price: £44.99

Best prices:


Lego Lord of the Rings

cheap video games The Lord of the Rings follows the original storyline of the trilogy. Frodo embarks on a journey to destroy the magical ring that Bilbo brought to the Shire.

Zavvi again beat the field with the 10% off code.


Rating: 7+

Highest price: £37.99

Best prices:

  • PS3 with Zavvi for £26.96 (with the code VCUK10)
  • Xbox 360 with Zavvi for £26.96 (with the code VCUK10)
  • Wii with Zavvi for £20.66 (with the code VCUK10) out 30 November, though you can pre-order

Lego Batman 2: DC Superheroes

cheap xbox games family The Dynamic Duo join forces with other famous super heroes including Superman and Wonder Woman to stop Lex Luthor and The Joker from destroying Gotham City.

You would have thought The Joker would have been behind one large internet retailer’s price at a whopping £60, however Shop to Net topped the lists for the Xbox and PS3 at £19.85, with Zavvi and their 10% code £19.76 for the Wii.


: 7+

Highest price: £60

Best prices:

Kinect Disneyland Adventures

cheap xbox games for the family Using the Kinect for Xbox 360, Disneyland Adventures allows children to explore Disneyland Park and engage in challenging quests, interacting with the characters using their bodies and voices.

One retailer is selling this for £49, however buy it through Amazon and save yourself £38.




: 7+

Highest price: £49

Best price: Xbox 360 (need a Kinect sensor) with Amazon for £10.86.

Kinect sensor

kinect sensor cheapDisneyland Adventures needs the Kinect sensor and games like Fifa 13 for Xbox use its features. If you are thinking of buying one you can get it from Asda Direct (online) for £85 – most stores are around £100. It comes with a copy of Kinect Adventures, which I’ve spent a few hours playing myself!

So it is possible to get cheap video games! But prices tend to change rapidly, so if you find different or better prices, or want to sing the praises of other video games please add your comments below.

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