Where to get a cheap baby monitor

Motorola MBP8 Digital audio baby monitor

Marc LockleyPurchasing essential baby equipment can be an expensive experience with many items needed, so it’s important to shop around saving money where you can. Here we have looked for a popular, but cheap baby monitor. With one monitor the search led us to our biggest saving so far, with one store half the price of many of its rivals.

Under £50

Motorola MBP8 Digital audio baby monitorThe Motorola MBP8 is a cheap baby monitor that warns you when you are out of range. It comes with one parent unit, however others can be bought separately. Price differences are tight on this one, however you can save a couple of pounds by buying it from Base for £19.70, or pay a smidgen more at Amazon.

Model: Motorola MBP8

Special features:

  • 120 channels
  • Up to 50m range
  • Nightlight

Highest Price: £21.99

Best Deal: Base for £19.70

Runner up: Amazon for £19.75

Mothercare Tomy SR325 digital baby monitorThe Tomy SR325 digital baby monitor has fourteen channels and comes with a belt strap, so you can hear your baby as you walk around the house. It also has talkback, lullabies, a temperature gauge and a remote controlled nightlight. Mothercare storm ahead of the opposition with a price of £32.49, with most rival stores around double the price. Names have been omitted to avoid blushes.


Model: Tomy SR325

Special features:

  • 300m range
  • 14 channels
  • Remote control nightlight and lullabies

Highest Price: £80.47

Best deal: Mothercare for £32.49

BT 250 Digital baby monitorThe BT250 digital baby monitor won the Mother and Baby Gold Award in 2011. It has plenty of handy features including the ability to speak to your baby through the monitor, a brightness adjuster on the nightlight, as well as beeping and vibrating if the room temperature gets too hot or cold. Base help to squeeze this monitor in the ‘under £50’ section priced at £49.99, whilst Amazon just tip it over the edge at £50.15.

Model: BT250

Special features:

  • 120 channels
  • 50m indoor range and up to 300m outdoors
  • 8 soothing songs
  • Nightlight with adjustable brightness

Highest Price: £63

Best deal: Base for £49.99

Runner up: Amazon for £50.15

Under £80

BT pacifier baby monitorThe BT Digital baby monitor and pacifier comes with a “starry night” projected light show and a range of lullabies. I remember a similar gadget helping me drift off to sleep as well as my son. It also has hi-definition sound helping to create a crackle-free monitor. Both Comet and Laskys pacify us with the best price of £54.99, though Comet is a web exclusive, however if you order on-line you can collect in-store.


Model: BT Digital Baby Monitor and Pacifier

Special features:

  • HD sound
  • Projected light show and lullabies
  • Temperature checker

Highest Price: £78

Joint best deal: Comet and Laskys for £54.99

Angelcare baby monitorThe Angelcare AC401 detects both sound and movement, so if your baby is still for 20 seconds you’ll be alerted. You can also walk around the house hands free as the baby monitor comes with a clip for your belt. Amazon is priced at £69.99, with Tesco Direct next best at £79.94.

Model: Angelcare AC401

Special features:

  • 8 channels and 2 frequencies
  • Under the mattress sensor pad
  • Colour LCD display with temperature indicator
  • Temperature alarm

Highest Price: £99.99

Best deal: Amazon for £69.99

Runner up: Tesco Direct via ‘click and collect’ for £79.94

Prices tend to change rapidly, so if you find different or better prices, or want to sing the praises of your own cheap baby monitor, please put your comments below.

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Marc Lockley is a coach and money saving writer. He is the author of How To Pay Less For More, a book showing people how to negotiate in shops, showrooms and even with the boss over working part-time. As a dad of two, Marc values his work/life balance and is a dab hand at using money saving techniques to keep the bills down.