Where to get cheap children’s books

cheap children's books

Marc LockleyTime is often the greatest gift you can give your family, and there’s no better way to spend it than reading to, or with, your children. In celebration of Children’s Book Week, we have listed six popular reads, showing that it’s possible to find some great, but cheap, children’s books.

Young readers

peepoPeepo! is a great rhyming book to read to your babies and toddlers, allowing them to explore the book through various holes that peep through to the next page. To avoid burning a hole in your pocket, Sainsbury’s Entertainment online is £4.50, with Amazon’s hardback version second best at £4.68.

Highest Price: £6.99

Best deal: Amazon for £4.68

The tiger who came to teaA Tiger Who Came To Tea is about Sophie who answers the door to an unusual visitor just as she is about to sit down to tea. Sainsbury’s Entertainment offer a version that has a handy buggy attachment for £2.99, with Amazon offering the standard book for £2.99

Highest Price: £5.99

Best price: Amazon for £2.99


Independent reading

Diary of a wimpy kidThe Diary of a Wimpy Kid series is written and illustrated by Jeff Kinney and tells the story of schoolboy Greg Heffley from his witty diary around his eccentric family life. Each book will set you back around £3.85. The Book People offer the first six books for £11.79 including postage, making this a star saving.

Highest Price: £41.94

Best deal:The Book People for £11.79 or £8.99 with free postage (when you spend £25 or more).

ratburgerRatburger is the latest David Walliams book, following the story of a little girl called Zoe. Sheila her stepmother is so lazy she gets Zoe to pick her nose for her – gross! But that’s not all, as evil Burt from Burt’s Burgers is after her pet rat. Best price is a three-way split between Amazon, Asda and Sainsbury’s all at £5.

Highest Price: £12.99

Best deal: Amazon for £5

Teenage years

the hunger gamesHunger Games had me enthralled in the cinema. Written by Suzanne Collins, it’s set in the future and based upon a terrifying reality TV show that makes eating Witchetty Grubs from I’m a Celebrity look like a mouth-watering alternative. The trilogy is available through The Book People and Red House for £7.79 including postage however both do free delivery when you spend £15 (Red House) and £25 (The Book People).

Highest Price: £17.99

Best deal: The Book People for £7.79, however £4.99 with free delivery

Tips for even cheaper books

Buying second hand allows you to buy cheap children’s books. World of Books sell used books; for example The Tiger Who Came To Tea was on sale for £2.75.

But you don’t have to go second hand to get cheaper books. Take a look at these tips on how to get children’s books for less.

Prices tend to change rapidly, so if you find different or better prices, or importantly want to recommend great reads for parents and children alike then please add your comments below.

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Marc Lockley is a coach and money saving writer. He is the author of How To Pay Less For More, a book showing people how to negotiate in shops, showrooms and even with the boss over working part-time. As a dad of two, Marc values his work/life balance and is a dab hand at using money saving techniques to keep the bills down.