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Marc LockleyWhether enjoying Wimbledon tennis, following Jessica Ennis’s pursuit of Olympic gold, or solving the murder in Britain’s scariest location Midsomer, this summer could be a great time to bag a bargain with a best price TV.

Retailers have anticipated high demand during the sporting season and will be vying for your pound. In writing this article I’ve found a huge variance in price; a staggering £260 in one case, so make sure you shop around.

Get the right size TV

Firstly pick the size that is best for your room. It may be worth plugging a few details into a size guide to help you decide what TV to go for.

Understanding the terminology

TV lingo can be a bit confusing, so I searched for a glossary of terms and found this handy one created by John Lewis.

32 inch TV

The Toshiba 32BV501B has the necessary sockets for HDMI and SCART. The screen doubles up as a computer monitor if you wish. The best price TV here was with Tesco Direct via ‘click and collect’ for £198, with Amazon just creeping over the two hundred pound barrier at £201.

Model: Toshiba 32BV501B

Special features:

  • HD Ready
  • HDMI and SCART sockets

Highest Price: £320

Best deal: Tesco Direct for £198

Runner up: Amazon for £201

The LG 32LK330U is ‘HD Ready’ and comes with twin HDMI sockets, but also allows you to use your old SCART cables if you have them. The best priced TV here is from Electrical 123, at £212.99, with the Co-op runner up at £219.99.

40 inch TV

The Sharp LC40SH340K LCD screen has Full HD and a built in digital amplifier with stereo speakers. It also has a two-way USB socket allowing you to watch home movies or your holiday snaps on the screen. This is priced at an eye watering £539.99 with one retailer, however Richer Sounds currently have the best price TV here, at £279.95 if you buy in-store, with Tesco Direct at £304 including delivery.

Model: Sharp LC40SH340K

Special features:

  • Full HD
  • Two-way USB socket
  • Twin HDMI sockets
  • SCART socket

Highest Price: £539.99

Best deal: Richer Sounds for £279.95

Runner up: Tesco Direct for £304TV deals

The Toshiba 40BV801B is a 40 inch TV with a Full HD Screen, coming with a good array of sockets and a built-in 16 watt amplifier with stereo speakers. Richer Sounds blasts its way to the top once more with the best priced TV at £299.95, however you need to go in-store to get one, so check availability before you set off.  Amazon can send you one to your door for £301.

Model: Toshiba 40BV801B

Special features:

  • Full HD
  • 16 watt amplifier
  • Triple HDMI sockets
  • Two USB sockets

Highest Price: £495.60

Best deal: Richer Sounds for £299.95

Runner up: Amazon for £301

The Samsung UE40EH5000 is an LED TV with Full HD and comes with ‘wider colour enhancer plus,’ which boosts picture quality. Use the code ‘PIXJUNEUK13’ and get £13 off the price with Pixmania, making the cost including delivery £390.90, or buy in-store at Richer Sounds for £399.95.

Model: Samsung UE40EH5000

Special features:

  • Full HD
  • USB port and 2 HDMI sockets

Highest Price: £569.99

Best deal: Pixmania for £361.00 with the code PIXJUNEUK13

Runner up: Richer Sounds for £399.95

Prices tend to change rapidly, so if you find different or better prices, or want to sing the praises of your own cheap TV, please put your comments below.

We’d love to hear from you if there’s a particular product you want some price checks on. Email [email protected] – we’ll pick the most popular requests.

Marc Lockley is a coach and money saving writer. He is the author of How To Pay Less For More, a book showing people how to negotiate in shops, showrooms and even with the boss over working part-time. As a dad of two, Marc values his work/life balance and is a dab hand at using money saving techniques to keep the bills down.