Why An Ottoman Bed Is Good Value For Money


An Ottoman bed is an excellent way of adding extra storage to your bedroom. Not only does this practical piece of furniture provide you with a comfortable place to get a good night’s rest, it also offers a hidden space where you can keep everything from clothes and shoes to bedding and towels.

On an Ottoman bed, the mattress is on a hinged mechanism which you should be able to lift up easily and safely. Underneath is a compartment which makes the most of an area which is often wasted. On double beds, this compartment is often divided into two areas down the middle of the bed.

Bear in mind that when you lift the mattress to access the storage space, you will be disturbing your neatly made duvet, blankets, sheets, pillows and cushions so this type of storage bed is best used for items that you don’t need to keep close at hand for everyday use. An Ottoman bed, or storage bed as it is sometimes known, is perfect for keeping your winter wardrobe neat and tidy in the summer months and vice versa or for storing clean bedding in a useful place ready for when you change the sheets.

The Benefits of an Ottoman Bed

One of the great advantages of an Ottoman bed is that the storage space is completely hidden.

The base looks the same as on a divan bed – in other words, the mattress sits on a block type base which is then on wheels or feet which will usually have a very low profile, keeping the base close to the floor. This means that every possible inch of space beneath the mattress can be used as storage.

Some divan beds offer storage also, for instance via drawers which open at the side, but an Ottoman bed uniquely allows access to the storage space from above by lifting the mattress. This makes it easier to see what you have stored under the bed and find what you are looking for as you can see everything at once and from a comfortable standing position. As the storage is totally hidden, you also don’t have to worry about buying additional storage solutions such as boxes, bags or dividers.

Your Ottoman bed will keep your bedroom looking neat and tidy and as the storage area is completely closed off, all your carefully stowed items will remain clean and dust-free also.

Choosing an Ottoman Bed

Even though Ottoman beds all share a base for storage and a hinged mechanism to access this under the mattress, there are lots of options to consider when looking at the design.

Bases can be ordered in a wide range of colours; do you could go neutral to blend with your bedroom surroundings or pick a pop of something vibrant to make your new Ottoman bed the standout feature of the space. Ottoman beds will also often feature headboards and these can also help you make a style statement.

Again, colour may help dictate your choice here, but you should also consider shape and material. Are you looking for a luxurious leather or a plush velvet? Think about what will be most fitting and how hard wearing your selection will be.

Sometimes the same material will be used on the base as on the headboard which gives the bed a more coherent look. On others, the headboard and base will be different which helps draw attention away from the base. Furthermore, if you are going to cover your Ottoman bed base with a valence sheet, its colour or style may not matter.

It’s also worth noting that while valence sheets have had something of a reputation for being frilly and old fashioned, you can find many straight-edged designs on the high street today in on-trend palettes, offering a quick and easy way to completely change the look of your Ottoman bed.

Great for Children’s Rooms
Two happy siblings in sleepwears in bed

It doesn’t matter how big a kid’s room is, there never seems to be enough space for their books, toys, clothes and the rest of their possessions. And as they grow, they only seem to accumulate more stuff, so if you’re looking for a new kid’s bed, you really should consider an Ottoman.

Unlike other storage solutions, when your children are younger, they will not be able to access the space hidden in an Ottoman bed which can be a big advantage. It means you can put toys here that require supervision or simply rotate items around using it. Once they get bored of the toys they have had out for a while, tuck them away under the Ottoman bed and bring out what has been stored in it. They will seem like new to them and motivate them to start playing with them again without getting fed-up.

If you are a savvy shopper who likes to snap up sales bargains in sizes too big for your brood for them to grow into, an Ottoman bed will provide somewhere for you to squirrel away your purchases until they are ready to come into use.

It’s also somewhere you can leave keepsakes collected through their childhood, such as drawings from nursery, certificates from school and badges of achievement from sports clubs.

For bigger kids and teenagers, an Ottoman might prove to be a very useful way of helping to keep their rooms tidy. Of course, they might just chuck all their stuff under the mattress in a huge mess but as the area is hidden, at least you won’t be able to see all their junk strewn about everywhere.

All of which goes to show that an Ottoman bed really is so much more than somewhere to sleep; it is also the clever storage solution that you will never tire of.