#GoGadgetFree – This Easter update your state, not your status!


How often do you check your phone, emails or Facebook page?

Here at MyFamilyClub we asked almost 2,000 parents about their technology habits, and the results were eye-opening to say the least.

25% of parents admitted to checking their phone more than FIVE times an hour. That’s over 50 times a day!

It’s not just phones either – 40% of families have more than seven electronic devices at home.

And this got us thinking: are we spending too much time in front of our phones, tablets and other gadgets?

When we’re connected digitally, we aren’t always connecting to the people in our lives that matter the most. Our family.

We only get one chance to live our lives with those we love, and it’s all too easy to miss the little moments that make life special, by spending our precious spare time staring at a screen.

If you think you and your family are spending too much time online, why not join MyFamilyClub and #GoGadgetFree this Easter weekend?

It’s the perfect time to put away your digital devices, unplug, and pledge to spend time doing something different with the kids.

Your #GoGadgetFree pledge can be what you like: going out for a bike ride, going to the park, baking… anything that doesn’t involve going on your gadgets between dawn til’ dusk!

Read Gemma Johnson’s article, CEO of MyFamily Club, to find out more.

Karen from KalliKids is taking the plege! Read her article here.

Quote mum from Bath

This is what Robyn, a mum to two teenagers from Bath, has pledged:

“I’m so pleased to support the MyFamilyClub campaign to #GoGadgetFree this Easter. As a family we have over 7 devices in our house and I know how addicted the kids can get which isn’t good for family life. This Easter break we are pledging to spend as much time as possible out of the house and away from our devices. I know it isn’t healthy for us all, so we’re really going to pull all the stops out to step away from our digital life and experience good old fashioned family life.”


Here are some fun ideas and activities for your #GoGadgetFree Easter:

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