Autumn Craft Ideas for Children


Getting out and about this Autumn you could find some great craft ideas to enjoy with your kids. From leaf painting to conker collecting there is plenty to explore. Here are some inspiring autumn craft ideas for children.

Leaf Painting

Autum Leaf Painting

Leaves can also be painted and pressed onto paper to make all sorts of interesting patterns. It is an all morning activity; hitting the park to collect them then making the print pictures. Perhaps you could make up a batch of inexpensive, unique birthday cards in the process! Make sure you get lots of different shapes!

Why not take your child  for a long brisk treasure hunt through a park or wood and collect Autumn gold along the way. You could make a list to tick off your finds e.g. 2 pinecones, 1 feather, 6 acorns and 4 conkers. This is fun for you both and wonderful to display as a centre piece on your kitchen table!


Conkers  are absolute treasures and much fun can be had with them.


They can be lined up in size order or  put on string and smashed. Googly eyes can be stuck on them with fuzzy pom-pom noses and conker pet is born!  Your child could start a whole collection of little conker pals. Throwing sticks at trees to get them down whilst sat on a grownups shoulders is the best fun though!

Paper Punching Autumn Leaves