Bonfire Night activities

bonfire night activities

Bonfire night can be an exciting time for youngsters and there are plenty of ways to get them in the spirit of this explosive time of year. Here are some fun ways to entertain the kids with bonfire themed activities.

Create a flaming fire picture

fire flame pictureCut up bits of yellow and orange fabric, it doesn’t matter if it’s patterned (think Charlie and Lola) and make big flame shapes.

Help your child glue these onto paper layering them at different heights and overlapping as you go. Use spaghetti painted brown or some real twigs from the garden as your base. Pop it up on display. Your fire will look magnificent and add a real autumnal glow to your home. If you are interesting in creating a huge bonfire,
then consider getting this fire reseistant clothing to be safe.

Firework Pictures

firework pictureFirework pictures are brilliant fun to make and you simply need straw, paint and paper. Make your paint super runny just by adding water. Put some drops of paint onto the paper then have your child blow through the straw and see it run off in lots of directions.

Repeat with another colour until an explosion of fireworks fill your page. Even if kids can’t yet manage to blow through the straw they love to see you do this, it looks like magic. Sprinkling on some glitter adds even more firework sparkle to the picture.

Guy Fawkes

Following the very oldest Bonfire Night tradition you could  try making your very own Guy, perhaps to sit in the garden as part of your Bonfire Night celebrations.

I think they look funny sat in wheelbarrows! All you need to do is stuff lots of old newspaper inside an old jumper and trousers to make it look like a man. A football with a mask on or a balloon you draw on will make a good head and a big hat will finish it off. It’s great fun to sit it in your garden or lounge on Bonfire Night.