Halloween party ideas

halloween party ideas

You could have some little friends over for Halloween and ask each to bring an idea for an activity and a little snack. Pool everything together and have fabulous thrifty fun that shares the work as well as the expense.

If you do decide to host a party or just to amuse your little ones here are some more Halloween ideas:

Halloween colouring pages

Colouring pages can be easily found online and printed out. Skeletons, wizards, ghosts and monsters can be cut out and stuck on your table and doors as decorations before your guests arrive. Colouring in bat pictures with black crayons and adding sparkly glitter for eyes looks brilliant and is very simple. These can be hung on elastic or string from the ceiling or little sticks, and look great all dancing about!

Halloween games

A fun Halloween game is ‘Spookies on a Spoon’ relay races mums v kids. Beg and borrow some plastic spiders/mice/bats/beetles etc. The winners get spooky snacks and the losers get a coffee – mums don’t try too hard when they hear this!

Party games could include singing ‘Little Miss Muffet’ the children have to get up and run round the circle and back to their places when the spider sits down ‘beside her’. With ‘Incey Wincey Spider’ all the children get a big tickle when the spider runs up the spout again.

Spooky party snacks

Spooky party snacks could consist of little cheese sandwiches cut into the shape of ghosts with raisins for eyes accompanied by cucumber slices with black paper hats on to look like witches. Special Spiders make a great pudding; chocolate buttons with raisin legs and jelly tot eyes.