How to have a proper teddy bear’s picnic

teddy bear's picnic

Your child has probably played out tea time with their toys on a number of occasions but oh how they love it if you engage with this and do it ‘properly.’ Here are 10 steps to a truly fabulous teddy bears picnic.

1. Choose a day and a place for  the picnic and pop it on the calendar so you have time to prepare.

2. Choose a teddy or 2 to take along and tell them your plan – you could even make them invites!

3. Decide on food and drink to take. Do you have a picnic basket?

4. Make a lovely cake with your child just for the occasion (we like butterfly cakes!)

5. Get teddies ready. Do they need a hat, sunglasses, will they need a pushchair?

6. Start your journey, whether this is a long trek around the house to the ‘lounge picnic area’ or a ‘proper walk’ down to a wood or park, keep it fun and play a few games or sing some songs on the way. You don’t want ted getting whiny or bored

7. When you get to your picnic site just relax, eat, enjoy and make sure those teddies let you have a cake

8. Take lots of photos!

9. If it is a big success next time you could invite a friend and their teddy too.

10. Have fun… baby days may be crazy, hazy days but they fly by in the blink of an eye… delight in them.