How to make a home obstacle course

home obstacle course

If you want a bit of a relax in the summer sun with a good book and a cup of tea consider setting up some distractions first. Whether in the park or in your garden or on a rainy day inside setting up an obstacle course takes moments but can bring you peace!

You could include:

  • a chair to scramble under
  • a suspended skipping rope to jump over
  • a fancy dress outfit to put on
  • an egg and spoon to race with
  • a plank to walk across
  • a trike to ride a distance
  • a slide to go down
  • a sack to run in
  • a play tunnel
  • cushions to pile up
  • a trampoline to jump on

Kids could do this course timed, in relay races. They could do it backwards and forwards. They could take a cuddly toy pony or puppy round the course. Lots of possibilities and lots of fun!