How to make a map for kids

make a map

make a mapAs we get older we take our journeys for granted, we barely notice what is around us. For children however every journey is filled with new and exciting places, surroundings, objects and animals!

It can be hard for kids to remember all the places they have been or all the things they have seen. So, what better way to help than showing them how to make a map of their own! Here are some ideas to get you started;

  • As you take a walk to the park or to your favourite place try and make a list of special things you pass along the way.
  • When you come home you can make a map with your child using really simple images for the landmarks.
  • You could draw a flower for a special garden you pass. Stick on a bus ticket for the bus stop.
  • You could draw a duck and maybe stick on some silver foil to represent the river and maybe a couple of sticks crossed if you pass a church.
  • Next time you go on this journey unroll your map and see how well you have done marking landmarks along the way.

This is a great activity for children, as it helps to develop their memories and their imagination too!