How to make perfume from your garden

how to make perfume

how to make perfumeI spent many hours as a child making perfume in my Grandad’s garden. He had these big old English Roses that gave the most beautiful smell and I’d gather these up with lavender and squished strawberries, a bit of rain water that I had collected in an old jam jar and I would stir them up for hours.

Adding a few leaves and maybe some fuscia (so pretty!) I would create my wonderful concoction then pour it back in to the jam jar which I would ‘decorate’ with stickers  and ribbons. Hours later when it had ‘fermented!’ I would present it to my mum as if it was a precious gift. Which indeed it was.

Now, as we are on a budget, I suggest not bothering with the shop bought kits and letting your child be creative (mind they don’t use anything poisonous and avoid thorns and nettles) Let them create you a lovely fragrance eau de toddler (I guarantee  it will smell v dodgy in a few days!)

There will be fun in the making!